17 augustus 1988 - "His Royal Badness' PRINCE FILL THE TANK

Rotterdam – His Royal Badness Prince does during his European tour Rotterdam. Three nights he fills De Kuip. Visitors are NOT SATISFIED. The artist is, the lack of video screens, not see the 32.000 visitors. The sound is not well matched. Outside the concert Prince behaves like a real pop star, brands journalists. Especially during the trips to and from the Hotel des Indes in The Hague he sped through traffic and abides by no rules.

17 augustus 2007 - LPF LIFTED

Rotterdam – After the extremely poorly run elections 22 november 2006 (0 seats) the Board decides to do anyway even with the Provincial. That happened in South Holland, Overijssel and Gelderland. None of the three provinces a seat was won, thus as the only remaining Senate seat was. Fell away because it was part of the subsidies it (again) a member consultation, which voted overwhelmingly in favor of abolition of the party. In an earlier vote (21 juli) was already decided, but when there were not enough members present.

17 augustus 2009 - ROTTERDAM duck (12 METER) Punctured IN BELGIUM

Rotterdam – Artwork Rotterdam Florentijn Hofman of 12 meter rubber duck is destroyed by strangers in Maasmechelen. Earlier there was a larger version already in Japan in a port, but in Belgium, people are apparently less pleased. Facebook is a condolence. Two weeks later, the duck back, repaired and all.

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