Rotterdam – For several years growing hardcore music clubs in Rotterdam, as Parkzicht. two producers, Maurice Steenbergen and Danny Scholte, making the new label of Paul Elstak (Rotterdam Records), Poing picture. Op 1 augustus 1992 reached the number second in the Top40. It is the first big success of Rotterdam Records. (The first hardcore success in the Netherlands is not. A year earlier took James Brown is Dead even number 1 place).


01 augustus 1299 – Wolfert van BORSELEN lynched IN DELFT

Delft – After an argument with the Dordrecht city council is Wolfert Borsele lynched in Delft. Wolfert was regent for the minor John I, Count of Holland, but was far from popular. He had started a few weeks earlier with a siege of Dordrecht. The city rights Wolfert had previously granted this year in Rotterdam, be withdrawn shortly thereafter.


01 augustus 1616 – WOMEN IN REVOLT IN DELFT

Delft – Due to financial problems the City of Delft increases the load on grain. Poorer housewives in the city come 1 augustus 1616 in revolt. The city council must eventually leave the city. Stadholder Frederick Henry then sends troops to restore calm in the city.

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