22 augustus 1299 - END SIEGE OF DORDRECHT

Dordrecht – After more than a month there will be an end to the siege of Dordrecht by Aloud from Ierseke (Wolfert behalf of Borselen). From Borselen demanded more revenue from Dordrecht staple rights, but the city refused. The army withdrew from Borssele Castle Crayenstein. After the death of Borselen Wolfert van Delft took the Dordrecht population Crayenstein and took Aloud of Ierseke caught. In Dordrecht, he was beaten to death by an angry mob.

22 augustus 1986 - ESCAPE FROM VIOLENT Scheveningen prison

Scheveningen – four men, all with more than ten years in prison, managed to escape from the prison in Scheveningen. Among them is one of the kidnappers of Freddy Heineken (Holleeder or not Van Hout) and one of the kidnappers of Mrs. van der Valk. They managed to escape by using firearms and run off into waiting cars.


Hoek van Holland – At a beach party at Hoek van Holland, a group of officers cornered by a bunch of aggressive partiers. If warning shots do not help and the police are attacked is aimed shot. A 19-year old Dutchman is killed.

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