24 september 1993 - THE LIFT "LAST USED

Rotterdam – The old railway line to King Harbor Burg ('De Hef') is last used. A steam train of ten wagons, full invitees. The city of Rotterdam has already contracted demolition, but is intended to preserve the bridge.


Rotterdam – The precursor of the marathon, for the first run. A so-called "go-as-you-please’ (run or walk) is held in the Prins Alexanderpolder. The distance is 25 kilometer. The media of that time report different winners. (and Mr.. Runaway is probably a pseudonym).

The first time there 40 kilometers will run in 1909. The first real marathon of Rotterdam 1981.

Uit: Het Nieuws van de Dag – 26-09-1893

24 september 1970 - RADIO NORTH UNEXPECTED stopped broadcasting

Scheveningen – Op 24 September at 11:00 -Fully stops unexpectedly- Radio North Sea International Broadcasting. As a last plate is rotated The long and winding road van The Beatles. Then it stopped. The two directors of Radio Noordzee let listeners know that the broadcast ship is sold to a country in Africa and she Radio Veronica no longer want to bother. Later it turns out that Veronica paid a huge amount of RNR to cease broadcasting.

Long Radio North Sea International was off the air. The amount of money that was returned Veronica had paid and the lured master issued by Veronica. Next gig back to the Dutch coast the ship again and broadcasts were resumed. Those broadcasts continued until 1974, when all the pirates out of the air had.


24 september 1994 - Regilio Tuur GETS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING IN AHOY

Rotterdam – In a swirling picks Ahoy Rotterdam boxer Regilio structure the world title in the WBO, one of the four major boxing federations of the world. Structure is the first Dutch world champion in boxing. He wins the duel with the American Eugen Speed ​​on points. The jury agrees unanimously Structure.



Rotterdam – According to an anonymous source from Radio Rijnmond is fraud on a large scale on the Rotterdam city hall. There is tampered with receipts, There is stolen liquor and tobacco. This happens at all levels, including Mayor Pepper, as the source of Rijnmond says.

read more: "Large-scale fraud in Rotterdam City Hall’


24 september 2009 - TWO TRAINS collide AT BARENDRECHT

Barendrecht – Between Rotterdam and Dordrecht two freight trains collide together. One of the drivers is killed. A passing passenger train hit a fragment. The devastation is enormous. There tanks had to be used to pull the locomotive apart. One of the drivers was taken ill during the journey. The other train was on top when the stationary train.


24 september 2016 - THREAT OF ATMOSPHERE BETWEEN loitering AND ANGRY residents

Maassluis – Mayor Rooster Maassluis announces noodbevel off for mayor Plantsoen. Local residents have the nuisance of street kids was so, that there may come a confrontation. In the night before would have thrown the youngsters windows of houses and cars. The people are so angry, they take to the streets to keep offenders away.

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