Rotterdam – “A beautiful chimney free ship jobs will surely attract the attention of tens of thousands”, writes Het Vrije Volk 30 september 1964, the day of the arrival of Savannah, the first nuclear ship in the world.

Immediately after mooring at Parkkade first curious boarded.

“Since we actually waited an anticlimax, all we have to do immediately perceived as a plus for Savannah. We were led through the reactor, where the staff sat with arms folded for control” (Het Vrije Volk, 30-09-1964)

Of course there's also thought about safety. There is a designated place where Savannah to have, Should anything go wrong. A week later, the ship departs towards Antwerp. At that moment in Rotterdam 50.000 People have been on board.

Nuclear merchant ship “Savannah” in Rotterdam, de “Savannah” in Hoek van Holland. Foto: Eric Koch, National Archives / Anefo


The popularity of the ship in Rotterdam stands in stark contrast to the way it is greeted in Amsterdam, two years later. As the Health Council of the city rejects visit Atom ship.

“Admission of a nuclear ship to enter port can be considered only if the certainty that it can be quickly transferred into an accident situation at sea or to a safe emergency berth (…) moreover it VANB long that possible radioactive contamination of surface water is drained quickly and naturally to sea. In this respect, the situation in Amsterdam given less favorable than in Rotterdam”, (Health report Amsterdam, 1966)

And so the visit to Amsterdam is not.

Yet seen ten years later that an atomic freighter is a great idea, but certainly not profitable. In 1971 the ship is taken out of service. Other tests will not. Only military ships (such as submarines) is still made use of atomic energy.


G History – 5-2007 – Savannah unwelcome – Short nuclear glory

Het Vrije Volk – 30-09-1964 – Ornate – almost empty – Savannah in Rotterdam


30 september 2011 - 'ODFJELL concealed BUTANE-LEAK'

Rotterdam – Tank storage company Odfjell has an escape 200 tonne butane concealed, reports RTV Rijnmond. Justice has launched an investigation and see if the company can be shut down. The Environmental escape came on the track by an anonymous tip. It is not the first time that the company is going in the wrong. In 2004 leaked once already 400.000 liter of benzene.

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