05 juli 1922 - WOMEN FIRST to the polls

Den Haag – After years of fighting for women's voting rights may today for the first time using their active voting rights. Queen Wilhelmina Lodge in The Hague, her voice.

The women got in the Netherlands at the end of the nineteenth century serious forms. In 1906 was first officially asked for women's suffrage. That happened again in 1916. In both cases, the request was not answered.

Only after the elections 1918 (when there was passive suffrage and there could be voted on women but not by women) came women's suffrage. Op 5 juli 1922 women across the country were allowed for the first time vote for the House.

(In the period 1919-1922 had already been some local elections in which women could vote).



Zwartewaal – In the struggle between Margaret of Bavaria (corners) and William V of Holland (cods) in the power struggle for Holland, the provisional decision falls in the Battle Zwartewaal. It is long fought for three days and 5 July is to point to a definite winner. Margeratha loses and King Edward III of England moves to the camp of William V. Therefore Margeretha can not stop but her struggle. How many victims were there at the battle is not clear. Well said the water in Zwartewaal three days red colored by the battle.

Battle Zwartewaal. Maker: unknown

05 juli 1984 - FIRST DUTCH FROZEN BABY BORN IN Dijkzigt

Rotterdam – In the Rotterdam hospital Dijkzigt hospital the first Frozen Baby born. Previously in that hospital (also arts Zeilmaker) even born the first Dutch test tube. Sailmaker has gained experience gained much experience during his research on IVF with embryo freezing, so he now has a lead. Yet Dijkzigt is not the first in the world, want in april 1984 born the first child in the world frozen in Australia.


05 juli 1882 – NAVY SHIP perishes AT SCHEVENINGEN; 66 KILL

Zr. Ms. Adder

Scheveningen – The biggest shipping disaster of the Dutch navy in the 19e century. The navy ship Zr. Ms. Viper suddenly disappears the coast of Scheveningen. All 66 passengers are killed.

The ship was en route to Hellevoetsluis, but comes halfway in a strong wind up. see several passing vessels that the navy ship heavily in the storm, but it is not clear what exactly is going on. Others see smoke coming from the ship or even a flash. Then it disappears. The storm another ship fails to assist.

A few days later the first bodies were washing a first lifebuoys later. The bodies were found along the coast of North Holland and the Wadden.

The cause of the sinking of the Viper has always remained unsolved. An explosion was excluded, because most drowning victims had a life jacket. Also a collision does not appear to cause.

Is clear from the papers found at one of the crew that the ship had problems hours. So the captain wanted to return to IJmuiden, but that did not work out.

In 2017, 135 years after the disaster, The victims were first commemorated. The wreck was never recovered and is still a few kilometers from Scheveningen.


Den Haag – The unknown Hague cyclist Michael Boogerd for the general public knows its breakthrough, by winning the sixth stage of the Tour de France. He is the first in the drive to Aix-les-Bains. He beats the Spaniard Melchor Mauri, which verremt in torrential rain.

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