08 december 1962 - Wilhelmina buried in DELFT

Delft – Queen Wilhelmina dies in the night 27 op 28 November her sleep at Het Loo Palace. She is on 8 December interred in the crypt of Orange-Nassau in the Nieuwe Kerk in Delft. She had been in 1919 states that white was the prescribed dress at the funeral. That was also the case at the funeral of her husband Henry in 1934.

08 december 2006 - Jorien van den Herik ROAD AT FEYENOORD

Rotterdam – Chairman Jorien van den Herik announces that he step down at the club. A few days earlier the Kerkum commission had established that the organization should be changed at the club. He himself gives the reason that the approaching end of the FIOD affair and not the opinion of the Committee-Kerkum is decisive.