DORDRECHT - Dordrecht The company Dupont several hundred kilos Teflon powder released. The fabric fluttered down in the eastern part of the district's Tail. "People thought it was snowing", says the chairman of the residents' association in De Volkskrant.

It's the third time in just over a year that a glitch in DuPont. "But in the 25 years before it ever happened ", says a company spokesperson.

DuPont has offered residents a free wash their cars. There were two hundred in (dirty) cars stopped a note under the windshield wipers, containing the offer. Since today was once much used it. Cars broom cleaned States.

Aerial view of the Dupont plant on the Baanhoekweg. Foto: Region Archive Dordrecht

The substance which has been released Teflon, used for non-stick. The fabric according to DuPont is not dangerous. "You can kilos of the", a spokesman for DuPont De Volkskrant. The substance is also used in heart valves. The technical Drechtsteden environmental agency says there is no danger to public health.

Several years ago, Tail also been in the news because under part of the district (The Merwede polder) a large quantity of poison was found. Part of the district is built on an old landfill.

Hoe ging het verder?

The release of the Teflon from DuPont was caused by the entry into operation of the security system.

"In the automatic control system, in that the pressure and temperature in this vessel governs, is a defect has occurred, causing thermal expansion started security and some of the contents were expelled forcefully "

(Het Vrije Volk 15 februari)

The safety system has been checked yet again. Afterwards could restart production are. The cleanup job was finished after a few days.

Merwede Polder seen from the Merwede Central. Foto: Region Archive Dordrecht

How small was the noise, evident from the fact that most newspapers barely felt the incident newsworthy. Often it was a small article which appeared not even on the front page. When some years ago soot were emitted by Shell over Voorne-Putten, which dominated the media for days.

However, the optimistic tone of DuPont spokesman about the incident was not quite right. In the months after the dust explosion was twice again hit. In April, the plant was shut down because it escaped toxic Viton. Again three months later Hydrogen fluoride was released. Thus the number of incidents was five in a period of two years.


In recent years are DuPont and successor Chem Ours clearly under fire. This is mainly due to the emissions of PFOA (raw material for Teflon) in GenX (the successor of PFOA). The substance is toxic and has been for many years emitted by DuPont. According to the RIVM were residents years exposed to high levels. Yet there is no more emitted than is allowed under the permit, zegt Chemours.

Or sick people have become the emissions seems obvious based vna the RIVM statements, but has not yet demonstrated. In the immediate vicinity of Chem Ours are no more cancer cases than in the rest of the country, has been shown several times.

It appears that in the very vicinity some people have an amount of PFOA in their blood, which uikomt above the extreme limit of the RIVM.

Chem Ours indicates that the company 2018 has announced that € 75 million will be invested in the Dordrecht plant, that the emissions 99% is reduced.

The authorization of Chem Ours may only annually 148 kilograms per year are emitted in the air and the water. In the old license was still 8435 kilogram.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 04-08-2019

story number: 107