ROTTERDAM - Just north of Rotterdam, the famous castle destroyed by the Court of Weena. A mercenary army led by William Nagel was responsible.

The Court of Weena lay just north of Rotterdam, outside the Hofpoort to the Leuve. During the day William Nagel and his men came to the castle and have burned. Whether wounded is not clear.

Reason for the destruction (again) the lasting strife, a power struggle / civil war in Holland.

That fight, which is actually going on for seventy years, is currently between Jacoba of Bavaria (corners) and her uncle John of Bavaria (cods).

That battle began after last century Count William IV of Holland died childless. Several nobles then turned the new leader, his sister Margharetha. After the death of William VI was fighting another boost.


Because lord Jacob Bokel Weena had rallied earlier on the side of the Cods, he was on bad terms with the Corners.

Nagel draws with a mercenary army through the region and in the name of the Hoekse Jacoba of Bavaria and has targeted its opponents.

Willem Nagel appeared last year as army chief on behalf of the Angles and Jacoba of Bavaria. Officially he is sheriff (a kind of police chief) the Kennemerland.

Court of Weena

The Court of Weena was among the Donjon type and had three storeys. Lock are now only a few pieces wall of the chapel and gazebo remaining.

The castle is well 120 jaar oud (and possibly even almost 300 jaar) and has almost always been in the possession of the family Bokel. That family also owned several estates in the area, as Beukelsdijk.

The building had a spiral staircase and stood on top of a tent roof.

From the Court of Weena law was discussed for years over much of the region

Hoe ging het verder?

Weena known today mostly as street name near Rotterdam Centraal. The Bokel family we are still in the street at Rotterdam.

Lock Weena was never rebuilt after the devastation. The garden, with ruin was rented and later purchased by Rotterdam.

Given the growth of Rotterdam was inevitable that the ruins were demolished and was built on that spot.

Several times after diving portions of the remains of the Court of Weena during excavation work.

Also in the construction of Hofplein Station (1905) were traces of the foundation of the castle found.

When no further traces of the castle were found after the bombing of Rotterdam, it was concluded that the castle was the place where now stands Station Hofplein.

The Court of Weena was not the only castle that was demolished by Nagel and his men. Bulger also lock Steijn (where now is the Coolsingel), Castle and Castle Hillegersberg Honingen be destroyed.

After scrapping his tour of the area Willem Nagel retired to the north, to ask for more troops to Jacoba of Bavaria. A month after the devastation of the Court of Weena he was slain, During the Battle Horn.

For Jacoba of Bavaria were the Hook and Cod Arguing over two years later. They capitulated in the Treaty of Delft

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published: 23-07-2019

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