ROTTERDAM - Near Subway Slinge in Rotterdam Pendrecht a boy seriously injured in a shooting. He has a head injury and is in bad shape.

The victim was with five friends around 22:00 hours have thrown snowballs from the parking deck to the metro station.

No arrests have yet been made. The police know nothing of the motive of the shooter.

According to one of the youths in the group one of the snowballs hit a red car, passing driving. The man in the car got out and reached for a gun in his jacket.

“That man deteriorated. He took it out of his jacket. Then he shot four times. Three times down and once upstairs. Then we saw that boy. We ran home. I was really in shock.”

Eyewitness, Radio Rijnmond

Most guys were ducking in time for the flying bullets, but one guy was late.

The boys were too emotional to remember anything about the shooter, except that he had a slightly tanned skin and was driving a red car.

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In the immediate vicinity is shocked by the shooting. It is not the first shooting near the subway station. Last week there was also a shooting, victimless, but the gunman is still at large.

Eyewitnesses had to make the shooting tonight throwing snowballs, Yet there are others who suggest rival gangs in Pendrecht. Groups Turkish and Antillean youngsters are together for life. Someone would have suffered for a rival gang member as.

Police can not confirm this story.

Hoe ging het verder?

A day after the shooting dies Sedar Soares, thirteen years. According to people a sweet and quiet boy "in his environment, "Good football from c1 of Transvalia '.

All the next day which are placed flowers on the parking of Slinge. Again a few days following a silent march.

Although no one has been convicted for the shooting, it seems almost certain that the gunman was angry about throwing snowballs.

Gerald H.

It takes more than a year before anyone is arrested for the death of Sedar Soares, the victim. It is the Antillean Gerald H.. The man is known to be extremely aggressive and driving a red Honda Civic.

Gerald H. was arrested after he runs into trouble at the airport with cocaine in a shampoo bottle. He had previously been convicted once for shooting.

The man nicknamed 'Japatin', what 'King of Dicks' means. The 29-year-old man has ten children by seven different women. His nickname is on the side of his red Honda Civic.

The arrest and has built a great deal of evidence of the prosecution on the testimony of a woman in a phone booth. She saw Gerald H. Back in his car with a gun. She knew the accused by sight and ventured very far to go to the police. She then gave a false statement before, but came back later.

One inmate said that Gerald H. admitted in the prison that he had shot Sedar. an alibi, to relatives of the suspect turned out to be false.

Much more evidence was not. There was no murder weapon. There were no camera images.

Op 31 januari 2005 is Gerald H. tot 15 years in prison sentenced for manslaughter (responsible for death, but without a plan). Two witnesses have already amended their statement. However, the statements were useful, because the witnesses have withdrawn their testimony out of fear.

In appeal is Gerald H. op 18 oktober 2005 acquitted for lack of evidence. The two witnesses have withdrawn their full statement, possible after threats. Justice then went to the Supreme Court, but that appeal was in December 2006 rejected. This was Gerald H. finally acquitted.

In 2020 the case entered the "cold case calendar."’ from the police. The hope is that some witnesses will still report.

UPDATE (19-05-2022): The police make 2022 known that the fatal shooting is probably related to a rip deal, a drug robbery. The moment Sedar was hanging out at Slinge . metro station, such a rip deal took place. Shots were fired and the 13-year-old victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time, says the police to Rijnmond.


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 01-02-2018

story number: 63