ROTTERDAM - The participation of the Dutch national team at the European Championship in West Germany next year hangs in the balance. The game was indeed convincing tonight against Cyprus 8-0 won, but it is mainly the question of what will UEFA do with bomincident during the match.

Orange would profit by certain of participation in the European Championship. But after three minutes, when the Netherlands 1-0 stood for, threw a 21-year old man from Oss a homemade firework on the field. Which exploded near the Cypriot keeper. Andreas Charitou did not get seriously injured, but had to in groggy state are taken to the locker room.

An hour later, the match resumed again only.

"I can cry '

no one has more afterwards in the catacombs of the De Kuip 8-0 victory. Even the six(!) goals from John Bosman.

"I feel like crying. It can not and should not be so crazy that one has on his conscience that the Netherlands does not go to West Germany?”, (Ruud Gullit, Vrije Volk , 29-10-1987)

"I wish to disregard the disqualification or two points deducted. Let them give us but a big fine or a penalty of two games without an audience. If necessary, the game should be replayed. It seems impossible that the punishment will extract even heavier " (Hans van Breukelen, Vrije Volk, 29-10-1987)

"It was not such a small bomblet , were thrown. When the keeper stretchered from the field was carried I knew how to make the flag was. I was prepared for the worst. I immediately realized, that all that effort so far could have been for nothing. We should definitely consider a disqualification " (Ronald Koeman, Vrije Volk, 29-10-1987)

Coach Rinus Michels, which initially allowed players on the pitch when the excited Cypriots sought the dressing room, refused to comment on a possible punishment. "This is the worst thing that could happen", Michels says.

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While the game was still, KNVB put all the stops to get yet played the game. The Cypriots did not play, because she “feared for their lives”, according to coach Charalambous.

KNVB chairman Jo van Marle tried desperately to get in touch chaotic catacombs of the cockpit with his Cypriot counterpart. After a brief consultation, out of sight of the cameras, , the two men, accompanied by the Luxembourg Philippi referee and UEFA observer Delcourt, the dressing room of the Cypriots.

The Cypriots demanded was established on paper that they would continue the game under protest. A statement was quickly put together. The UEFA observer recorded the piece.

Even there was some excitement when it emerged that a coach of the Greek national team, Orange's main competitor in the battle for the European Championships ticket, also was in the locker room of the Cypriots. He was recognized and immediately deported. He would have left Cyprus players at heart not to continue playing football.

KNVB medical Ko Hold keeper has Charitou treated and declares that the goalkeeper was not seriously injured. He is shocked, but otherwise little wrong with him. "There is at most a slight shock, no more", he told The Telegraph reporter.


Even during the race could be arrested a 21-year old man from Oss for throwing the firework. At the police station he immediately admitted that he had thrown the homemade fireworks.

The man has already been arrested for role in hooliganism, two years ago when PSV. And TOP PSV he was being watched, because there were indications that he had a firework in itself.

Commissioner J. A. Leo speaks of a 'very serious offense'. The "bomber from Oss', as he is now called, is not eligible for fast track, says police chief. Since the matter was too serious for.

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Orange is now possible for a month in the waiting room, before it becomes clear what will happen to the game. Only at the end of November the decision of the disciplinary committee of UEFA.

In the worst-case scenario Netherlands may not participate in the European Championship in West Germany.

In a similar situation took Jong Oranje 1984 still participating in the I. With the game Netherlands - Luxembourg in Velsen a projectile was thrown field, whereby the Luxembourg goalkeeper injured. UEFA changed the outcome of 1-0 in 0-3. Therefore Orange came just a few points short of participation in the European Championship in Russia.

Should the 8-0 Victory tonight be turned into a defeat, then it is not lost for Orange. Then the Dutch national team competes in the final qualifying match against a direct rival Greece for a ticket to the European Championships.

Bad image

In addition, the KNVB has quite do some lobbying. The Dutch supporters fact are not known as European darlings.

Since the Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985, when 39 deaths at the European Cup final between Liverpool and Juventus, Riots are often involved Dutch clubs.

So misbehaved Ajax supporters join a match in Hamburg. UEFA must to that a judgment on it. And Feyenoord aanhagers targeted vandalism on a boat and an airplane, round match against Aberdeen.

The KNVB especially hopes that it remains quiet at the returns of these competitions.


The organizing committee of the European Championships in Germany looks anxiously along with the decisions of the UEFA.

Being so close to Netherlands to Germany is, is the Orange which places itself important for the receipts yield. The participation of superstars like Ruud Gullit and Marco van Basten is important.

Recently found that giving the European Championships in Germany much less money for the organization than was hoped. The dropping of the Netherlands would be a considerable blow to the Organizing.


It all went down with a whimper for the Dutch national team, although it has never been clear how much lobbying behind the scenes. The result was first converted to a 3-0 nederlaag. Netherlands went lodge an appeal and also the statement of Dr. Grip -who said it was all that bad - it was decided to play the game. Op 9 december 1987 Netherlands won in an empty stadium with more 4-0.

Greece was furious about the decision. When did the defeat of Orange Greeks still have a chance to qualify for the European Championship. The president of the Greek federation, a German, UEFA suspected that prefer the Dutch team for financial reasons, then the Greek team would look at the European Championships.

In protest, the remaining match was Greece - Netherlands moved to a small net stadium on Rhodes and the Greeks sent a B team. Orange won 3-0.

The man from Oss was sentenced to three months in jail, a fine and a lifetime stadium ban. The program Other Times (2008) He said he hoped he could ever look in the crowd at a game of his favorite club Feyenoord.

What ended the European Championship ... they all we know.


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 01 oktober 2017

story number: 34

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