ROTTERDAM - A unit of Surinam Airways (SLM) was killed in the town of Zanderij. Van de 187 have people on board 14 survived the accident. Most of them are seriously injured and fighting for their lives. Among the dead are two professional footballers Rotterdam Wendel Fraser and Andro Knel.

On board the plane was a part of the 'colorful team "that would take part in a tournament in Suriname. Also, three high-ranking officers of the Surinamese army were in the unit.

A technical fault is provisionally excluded. Had two weeks ago received a maintenance.

For now, the authorities of a human error. The American pilot would have used the early countries. Hung over the airport at the time of the accident low fog.

Press conference in the SLM office in Amsterdam; Ambassadors Mrs. Irma Loemban Tobing, Mr R. Lachminsing en Ramkisor. Foto: National Archives / Anefo

After two unsuccessful landing attempt, the pilot hit the ground, a few kilometers from the runway. Zanderij has no radar.

The device has probably hit a high tree and is then broken into pieces. The survivors were sitting in the back unit.

The "black box" with flight found. The Surinamese authorities have launched an investigation. The US Transport Council has sent an investigation team. Also Disaster Identification (RIDE) is from the Netherlands en route to Suriname.


According to local people, the area of ​​the disaster area littered with debris. One wing is on the way.

A hundred soldiers have removed the bodies from the device and placed in a row. Residents commenter emotional, every time there was again pulled a body from the device.

Of the twenty people who survived the first blow, there were five to way to the hospital. Another three deceased on the operating table.

But there were bright spots. As a boy was pulled unscathed from the wreck. And a dog came himself from the baggage hold clambered.

Besides sadness there arose anger within the group of people around the appliance. Anger initially focused mainly on airline SLM. That would fly depreciated equipment and too old pilots. SLM denies that there was something wrong with the unit. The pilot, Will the American Rodgers, ran at sixty. He had all the papers to fly yet.

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In the Netherlands, a few hours later, long lines at The SLM headquarters in Amsterdam are long lines. Much information is not available.

The powerlessness and anger also play a role. Many people try to get a ticket to Suriname. But whether it will succeed is not known.

Great sorrow to the relatives of the SLM office in Amsterdam. Foto; National Archives / Anefo


with dismay responded in Dutch football world by the death of the players 'colorful team'.

Roda JC defender Henk Fraser, of his coach Jan Reker denied boarding, tells the Free People that he is devastated the drama '.

"I just think that many fine friends who are dead. I hear Sigi Lens possibly still alive. God, I fervently hope. The event has so struck me that I did not realize I could have become the victims. "

(Het Vrije Volk, 08-06-1989)

Fraser was not the only dance sprung. Arnold Griffith (Fortuna Sittard) phone was not reachable. Marcel Liesdek (Fortuna Sittard) had opted out because of injury. Other players like Regi Blinker (Feyenoord), Aron Winter and Stanley Menzo (Ajax) also were not allowed. Frank Rijkaard had obligations competition with AC Milan.

Rotterdam is especially mourned Wendel Fraser death (RBC) Andro and Compression (NAC). Compression made earlier this year switched from Sparta NAC. He managed to get a permanent place in the base. Wendel Fraser comes from the youth academy of Feyenoord and Sparta. He had a good season behind RBC and was captured by SVV. Steve Sill played one year for disaster for DS'79.

Three players from the 'colorful team' survived the plane crash: Sigi Lens (Fortuna Sittard), Radjin de Haan, Ramon Imanuel (both Telstar) Edu en Nandhall (Speed).

List of victims 'colorful team': Nick Stienstra (36, trainer RCH), Lloyd Doesburg (29, Ajax), Fred Patrick (23, PEC Zwolle), Andy Scharmin (21, Twente), Rudy Degenaar (25, SC Heracles), Wendel Fraser (22, RBC), Frits Gooding (25, FC Wageningen), Jerry haatrecht (25, FC Sloterplas), Andro Knel (21, NAC), Ruben Kogeldans (22, Willem II), Ortwin Linger (21, Haarlem), Elfried Veldman (24, De Graafschap), Florian Vijent (27, Telstar), Steve Sill (23, FC Volendam)

Hoe ging het verder?

The SLM disaster is still the biggest air disaster in the history of Suriname. Eleven passengers survived the disaster.

The air crash blame finally came to rest with pilot Rodgers. He had acted recklessly, it was concluded. He decided to use special equipment to land, which was not too reliable. He had no permission to land.

Rodgers also had lied about his age. He was too old to fly and had no valid certificate more. He was formally suspended because he once on the wrong track landed.

SLM admitted that the qualifications of the crew was not good enough control.

After the disaster at the RAI is a large memorial. There will be a charity match in the Feyenoord Stadium between Orange and colorful national team. Here come 'but' 8.000 People up of. it provides 410.000 gulden op. The organization is the low turnout "for psychologists'. Probably the high prices for tickets to the cause.

In many places monuments placed for the victims and for the players in particular. Paramaribo is a monument with the names of all victims. Supporters of Sparta and NAC play still an annual game Andro Knel-jar.


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published: 07-06-2018

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