The website Day of Yesteryear is now more than a year in the air and there are now over a hundred look back posted. The Bellebom to the bombing of Rotterdam and Gorcumse kunstrel the Beggars in Brielle. Kortom, all corners of South Holland and all periods.

But which stories were most interested? What were looking back (apparently) most interesting to click. This is the list of 2018 Day of Yesteryear.

  1. Riot police clashed with Capelse Moluccan

A story about the conflict between the Moluccan Capelse district Oostgaarde and local housing. The Moluccan refused to pay more rent, because their homes were qualitatively below standard. If the families are put because of rent arrears of thousands of guilders from home, it all gets out of hand.

"While the police shield, were ready service pistol and baton, Moluccans had to make do with whatever they could use as a weapon; sticks, spears, an axe. In the absence of other resources was one of the men even picked a shovel as a weapon. "

Foto: Battle Moluccan / ME in Capelle aan den IJssel related to evacuation dwellings; Riot police with gun drawn. Maker: Marcel Antonisse, National Archives / Anefo. License: Public Domain

  1. Decision Dutch army will be placed Bleskensgraaf expensive

Rotterdam is the only city in the early days of May 1940 bombarded. The village Bleskensgraaf has had a hard time. The Germans aim for cars of the Dutch soldiers stationed in the village. There certainly are seven people.

"You dressed up and went out as soon as possible. The planes flew so low that you could see the pilots just sit. "

Bombing Bleskensgraaf. Foto: Regional Archives Dordrecht. Picture Collection Graafstroom


  1. Conflagration at Shell Pernis refinery after explosion

It was this year 50 years ago that took the 'Flop Pernis'. The explosion at Shell were two people. Hoogvliet and Spijkenisse nearly all the windows were out. The fire department said the resulting conflagration "the largest since the 1940 bombardment '.

"New steel tanks where the patches by hanging. The pressure tanks buckled. A sea of ​​twisted pipes. Roaring flames and the sound of escaping steam from a pipe, made the show extra lurid "

Fire at Shell Pernis – Foto: Rotterdam Municipal – Ary Groeneveld


  1. Baby kidnapped from hospital Dordts

This remarkable story in October was exactly thirty years ago. A newborn baby being abducted by a deranged woman (then you had already) which quite like himself wanted a baby. It did not just Dordrecht, but the entire country in its grip.

"As a doctor you learn to deal with life and death, but in this case you are powerless. A little child is the most defenseless that there is. It is unbelievable and unreal. We're pretty excited and very committed to the family "

Entrance Merwede Hospital in Dordrecht. Photographer: Rob Bogaerts, National Archives / Anefo. License: Public Domain

  1. First IKEA store opens in Netherlands

Looking back on 30 november 1978, last year just 40 jaar geleden. IKEA settled in Sliedrecht, but that was not as easy as it seemed. They were in the village at first did not wait for the Swedish furniture farmer.

"What our surprise when a few men presented themselves to the notice of intention to establish an IKEA business. And that in a building still expanding at a newly purchased plot of land by an Ikea store along Leeghwaterstraat in Sliedrecht "

Ikea store along the Leeghwaterstraat in Sliedrecht (1991). Bron: Historical Society Sliedrecht

Furthermore widely read:

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  4. Angry mob Lynch brothers De Witt
  5. Cityhopper Rotterdam killed in Moerdijk

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