News 31 december

Something historic must have happened on the last day of the year as well? For the time being, that event has not yet been found.

News 30 december

Bart from Roelofarendsveen wins first Big Brother (1999) Dordrecht and officials threatened nepgranaat (2010)

News 29 december

Between Christmas and New Years happens not so much, but whats a historical event 29 December found?

News 28 december

Enough is happening in the region, but the historical event 28 December not yet found.

News 27 december

World record domino stones in Lisse (1988), Brij oil threatens the Biesbosch (1970) Hague and rock band Kane quits (2014)

News 26 december

There will surely happened historical events in South Holland on 26 december? Yeah right? Aan de andere kant, here on the site staat'ie yet.

News 25 december

Four killed in fire in Hague detention (1987)

News 22 december

Cabinet Crisis leads to end era Drees (1958)

News 23 december

Searching very hard to historic and important event 23 december. Which is still not found.

News 24 december

Boiling of water flowing in Rotterdam Koopgoot (2005) Record and Produce at Serious Request in Leiden (2011)