THE HAGUE - The Hague is the first city in the Netherlands to have a horse tram. The car drives for The Dutch Tramway Company between The Hague and Scheveningen.

The Horse Tram is an initiative of Cornelis Schoetens from The Hague. He had made several attempts to set up a horse tram in The Hague, but was told "no" several times by the Hague city council. The last time he got permission, Schoetens had not been able to get the bail together.

The DTC was founded three months ago by Schoetens and some investors. Today the first horse tram went through the city. It was mainly an outing for the investors.

“From the Parkstraat to the Groot Stedelijk Badhuis in Scheveningen, where the shareholders of the management have offered a dejeuner, on the occasion of the opening of the line. "

(Dagblad van Zuidholland and The Hague, 24-06-1864)
The first Hague horse tram, namely the imperial car no. 2 from the Dutch Tramway Company (1864-1867, route Kneuterdijk-Stedelijk Badhuis Scheveningen) on the way to Scheveningen, along the Scheveningseweg. Title page of the Tram-way March Galop, piece of music composed by Louis. Met l.b. a view of the Buitenhof (with the Grote Kerk tower still under construction -!-) a calmness. a view along the coast from the head of Keizerstraat. Beeld: The Hague municipal archive

The horse tram was met in Scheveningen by an enthusiastic crowd. Several speeches were given in the Badhuis. The men were very satisfied with the condition of the new means of transport.

"Everybody, who has seen the excellent arrangement of the carriages of this new company and the horses used for it, pronounced on that, which leaves no doubt for the success of the company. "

(Dagblad van Zuidholland and The Hague, 24-06-1864)

Hoe ging het verder?

Two days later, op 25 juni 1884, the horse tram really started to ride. The second line followed a month later.

That was not entirely without problems. Despite the praise from the directors and investors, there were some technical problems. Also, there was not enough money to complete the repairs.

Three years later, the company was taken over by The Hague Tramway Company. Later volgde of Société Anonyme des Tramways de The Hague, a Belgian successor. In 1887 followed the Haagsche Tramweg Maatschappij, which is now better known as the HTM.


Dagblad van Zuidholland and The Hague – 24-06-1864 – Last Berigten