Rotterdam – Topman Stikker van Rijn-Schelde-Verolme stapt op bij de scheepsbouwer. He leaves because "the climate that was created at the company '. The Board of Directors today also presents a report stating that there must be cleaned again significantly in the company. That costs 1.000 jobs. The government must intervene again to 200 tot 375 miljoen gulden. In previous years the government had been more than 2 billion guilders pumped into the company.


Leiden – Charles Sluys (Carolus Clusius) settles in Leiden. He is an internationally renowned Botanist. He will include a tulip with, he planted in the Botanical Garden of the University of Leiden. The plant is a true mania in the Netherlands and is still part of the Dutch cultural.

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19 oktober 1958 - NUT Kapelse parish ILLUMINATED BY FANTAST

Moerkapelle – The town seems Moerkapelle local Reformed Church weeks to be scammed by a fantasist. A 19-year old man from The Hague, posing as a theology student, led the service multiple times. Police have opened an investigation.

The man from The Hague appeared a few weeks earlier to view the newly restored church of Moerkapelle. He told the story that he represented a magazine and took photographs of the church. He also hinted that he was in theological education.

reformed Church – Moerkapelle, Foto: National Archives / Anefo

Because the pastor would soon leave, the church council has made an appointment. He appeared on 14 September for the first time at the pulpit and then three more times. Many church members were impressed by his preaching. Later it turns out that the 19-year-old man had borrowed texts from other ministers. Are much too big suit borrowed from a friend.

The young man had said that he would be soon appointed pastor founded in Ermelo. Then one week later went to check the story, showed that there was no truth.

De Moerkapellenaars zijn verdeeld over de hele affaire. One can laugh heartily at the Reformed Church has taken so bite, while others speak of a 'disgrace'.

Bron: Fantasist preaches from the pulpit, Het Vrije Volk, 23-10-1958

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