25 mei 1991 - WOMAN killed with PEN IN LEAD

Leiden – A 53-year-old woman is found dead in her home in the White Rozenstraat in Leiden. She has multiple injuries to her face. The autopsy showed that she was slain by a pin, which was pushed through her eye in her cranial cavity. The police kept it quiet for a while, because there is a 'perpetrator science'. But the story more and more going around in Leiden that there is a 'ballpoint murder', the police give the information right price. The suspect, the son of the victim, first convicted of murder and later acquitted.


Rotterdam/TiranaFeyenoord staat in de eerste finale van het nieuwe Europese Toernooi: de Conference League. In de finale gaat het met 1-0 onderuit tegen AS Roma. Niet alleen zijn er duizenden fans in Tirana, maar ook kijken tienduizenden Feyenoord-aanhangers mee op schermen in Rotterdam, zoals op de Binnenrotte, het Stadhuisplein en in De Kuip. Na de nederlaag is het wel nog onrustig in het centrum en worden tientallen mensen opgepakt.

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