09 oktober 1628 – Poisoner OF BRIELLE ON pyre

Brielle – Maartje Willem daughter Brielle is put to death because 15 murder. She confessed that she 7 robbed wives and eight children of life. She runs into trouble when her seventh husband from one day to another just killed William and daughter the day before had bought rat poison.

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09 oktober 1953 – LIjnbAAn OPENED IN ROTTERDAM

Rotterdam – White Minister of Reconstruction and Housing Rotterdam opens in the first pedestrianized shopping street in Europe. There are 66 stores. It seems quite Rotterdam has turned.

"Hundreds of curious Rotterdam last night pulled the Lijnbaan, without a store having seen. These were the unfortunates, which once in droves ten allowed by police, ended up in the middle of the flow of people, and so - without volition and without pardon - step by step with it were penetrated to the other end of the Lijnbaan " (Het Vrije Volk, 10-10-1953)

Lijnbaan. Foto: Jan Voets, Nationaal Archief, Anefo