SCHIEDAM - A 10-year-old girl was violently killed in the Beatrixpark in Schiedam. Her body was found naked in the bushes. She was probably also sexually assaulted. An 11-year-old boyfriend, possibly by the same perpetrator, seriously injured.

Both children were playing in the park. According to the boy, he and the girl were attacked by a man with a "pockmarked" and "pimply" face. Nobody has been arrested yet.

The two children were taken by the man into the bushes. There they had to undress.

First the boy was severely abused. After lying motionless, the girl was abused and murdered. After the man left again, the boy went out into the bushes, naked and covered in blood, and addressed a passer-by. He called the emergency services.

How the boy is doing has not been announced. The police have had "careful initial conversations" with the boy.


The Beatrixpark in Schiedam was closed for the rest of the afternoon for a major investigation. So is the petting zoo, not far from where the 10-year-old victim was killed, locked.

The police are busy scouring the park meticulously. Divers may even be looking for traces in the pond.

The police have now spoken to several people who were in the park this afternoon. "It is a remarkable thing", says the head of the Mulder district police in the GPD magazines. It was busy and the bushes are not very dense. Several people may have witnessed the incident.

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Not dangerous

"The park is not known to be dangerous", Mulder continues. “There are regular offenders, however, like in any park, but there was no reason to pay extra attention to it. ”

A few bystanders disagree. "You can't leave your children alone nowhere", says a woman, that afternoon on a bridge near the park in the Reformatorisch Dagblad. “Things often happen that cannot tolerate daylight. Last week a boy was knocked off his scooter. ”


Both children were in group seven of the Christian primary school Kethel in Schiedam. The municipality together with the GGD took care of parents and children of the school..

"A wave of emotions is sweeping through the city", Mayor Scheeres informed the ANP. A large meeting may also be organized in the near future.

"This just happened in broad daylight", Scheeres goes feathery. “There were plenty of people in the park and many people cycling home through it. You can't arm yourself against something so horrible.”

Hoe ging het verder?

A few days later, the police issued a description. That will come a little later, because they don't want to influence possible testimonials.

Several people saw a man sitting on one of the benches at the petting zoo that afternoon. Although it is not certain that this is the culprit, he is described by several people as a man with a "pockmarked" face. This also corresponds to the description that the eleven-year-old boy gave from the perpetrator.

In the first three weeks after the Schiedammer Park murder, as the incident came to be called, the police get over 700 tips inside. But it doesn't make it progress with the investigation.

An arrest follows three months later. A 31-year-old Vlaardinger, who has previously been convicted of child abuse. It is a man who was one of the first to call the emergency services in the park, after seeing the 11-year-old boy emerging from the bushes. According to the police, the description "somewhat" corresponds to the appearance of this suspect: Cees B.


If three months after the arrest, Cees B. must appear in court for the first time in a so-called "pre-trial hearing", then it quickly becomes clear to the media. This man in no way resembles the description issued by the police.

However, the police are holding on to this suspect. He made a confession three times. Later he also withdrew it three times. No DNA material from Cees B was deposited on the victim's body. found.

Lawyer Taekema requests the judge to release his client, but that request is rejected. Cees B. goes to the Pieter Baan Center, for an investigation. Cees B. is declared less accountable. Hij wordt veroordeeld tot 18 years in prison and tbs with compulsory care.


On appeal, lawyer Taekema requests to hear a new witness, who is talking about a possible other perpetrator. That request was also rejected. The woman reportedly reported to the police, but she never called back.

Peter R. de Vries comes in 2003 in a special television broadcast with a secret report. In it, legal psychologist Van Koppen makes mincemeat of the police- and judicial action. He openly doubted whether B. it did commit the murder.

Yet that does not ensure that Cees B. is released. There is no new evidence, the Supreme Court decides, so the case does not have to be reopened.

Wik H.

In 2004 Justice comes with the message that someone else, a 25-year-old man from Hoek van Holland, has confessed to the murder. He was arrested in another case.

The man, Wik H., turned out to have perpetrator knowledge and fully met the description. Later, a match also followed in the DNA profile.

Eind 2004 Cees B. released. Wik H. received 20 years in prison and TBS. Cees B. received compensation from 600.000 euro.


That did not end the case. All parties involved, Both the police and the judiciary, as well as the courts and tribunals, have started investigations into what went wrong. The police and judiciary had a tunnel vision, with tips and indications that there may be a different perpetrator than Cees B.. were pushed aside.

The police investigation was "unstructured" and the judiciary had made "unmistakable mistakes.", that was the conclusion of the Posthumus Committee, who had looked at the role of the police and the judiciary.

The court and the court of justice were also not exempt, they found after their own research. If the evidence is not conclusive, then the judge must conduct an independent investigation, that was the conclusion.

The case surrounding the Schiedammer Park murder is high in the list of "biggest blunders" within the judiciary and justice, together with the Puttense Murder Case and the case surrounding Lucia de B..

Wik H. is still in a TBS institution. A request to go on supervised leave was received in 2018 turned down.

Cees B. wrote one book about the Schiedammer Park murder. He was later convicted of possession of child pornography and sexual abuse of a minor. He has served this sentence.

About "tunnel vision’ at the police, the makers of Cardano made this podcast, especially in the Schiedammer Park murder case.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 21 juni 2020

story number: 164