ROTTERDAM - In Ahoy Rotterdam has become Regilio Tuur world boxing champion in the WBO bond. He defeated the American Eugene Speed ​​on points. Tuur after at NRC: "This was the best match of my career".

Rotterdam, and, in particular, Ahoy, arose for a tasty boxing night. The sports palace with six thousand spectators was well stocked, with the title fight between Structure and Speed ​​as a major attraction. The cheapest cards are fifty guilders, the most expensive over five hundred.

As the evening progresses increases the tension in Ahoy. The tension was so great that one of the ladies at the American flags anthem, prior to the cracker, Dutch held the flag up.

Fans of Tuur, which logically than in the majority goods, gobble a while, when the Dutchman in the third round eyebrow injury sustained after an accidental headbutt Speed. It made there sometimes blood during the race on the face of the Dutchman ran, but that made the victory all the more heroic.

"If I had to lose today, they still had me to carry out the ring. I let myself really not stop by a wound of the title. "

(Regilio Tuur in NRC Handelsblad, 26-09-1994)

Structure admitted that he had some problems with the injury, but his motivation and sharpness remained well. In the second round was already once Speed gone to the canvas after a right hook. In the third round was a Tuur controversial warning for a low blow, but that brought him not his game.

After the last round Tuur there was a party in the ring, because he was convinced that he had won the contest. The figures confirmed (118-110, 117-109 en 118-108).

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Winners never quit

Tuur left after his greatest sporting achievement, Olympic gold 1988, to the United States because as a professional to get started. He palms at Madison Square Garden in New York. follows three years later first (local) title.

"First it was: he is crazy, He'll be back ", canned Structure in NRC Handelsblad back on that period. "Then, it was: might succeed him. Now I have proved it, is one behind me. "

The purpose of Tuur was in 1990 world to be. That did not work, but the ultimate goal always remained in focus. And which he wanted to emphasize just after.

"I have always believed that a man is able to provide what he dreams. Only most have not the strength to do it. It's simple: quitters never win and winners never quit.”

(Regilio Tuur, Het Parool, 26-09-1994)

For these words are just extra to enforce, orphan Structure on the cap he had in front of him at the press conference. there got a text: ‘Don’t dream it, be it’.

Tuur took all the time to thank everyone who has played a major role in his career. A special place is then taken by "Uncle" John Schildkamp, a tough, but also very good trainer has been for Tuur.

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world Title Fight

The title race in Ahoy was possible, because in the Boxing Federation WBO (one of the four unions, next WBC, WBA in IBF) not defending more used to be. The American De La Hoya gave his title when heavy Featherweight, because he organize themselves in another weight class was organizing.

Six thousand people saw Ture and speed both a chance to take a vacant title. Structure seized that opportunity with both hands tonight to.

Temperature must now within nine months defend his title again and the candidates already appear in d erij stand. Boxing promoter Bob Arum has announced that in January of next year game scheduled against official challenger of the WBO, arroya (Puerto Rico). In the spring, it follows that Jacobin Yoma (France), which Tuur before the European title deprived.

If these games successfully expired, says Arum, then may also champions from other leagues, as the WBC and WBA are challenged. This ensures in any case that the cashier at Regilio Tuur will ring pretty. "For less than half a million dollars He no longer has the ring steps ", Arum says to the Telegraph.

Hoe ging het verder?

It then goes well with Regilio Tuur. He gets married, is father and later in the year also honored in Hoogvliet.

Honoring of Regilio Tuur in Hoogvliet. Foto: You have a heart, Stadsarchief Rotterdam

Eventually knows Tuur six times to defend his title. In 1997 He stops as a professional boxer. There are still some races in 2001. In total boxed Tuur 51 parties as a professional boxer. , He won 46.

After his career Structure focuses on his fashion, a another passion. But his fashion store goes bankrupt. This is followed by a further separation, a relationship in which his girlfriend abused Structure (including condemnation) and a move back to the United States.

In 2014 Structure is a return to Holland to join to do "Star Jump '.


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