DELFT – Six people were killed in a shooting in a cafe in Delft. Four others were injured. The police speak of a bloodbath. The manhunt for the 27-year-old suspect is still in full swing.

According to witnesses, the man entered the café 't Koetsiertje around half past eight, not far from Delft station. He would have been in the pub a while before. He got into a fight there and left. He came back a moment later.

He would have already started shooting in the doorway, probably with an automatic rifle. Among the victims are a mother and her daughter of 12 jaar oud.

The shooter would be a known, an unemployed 27-year-old man with a Turkish-Dutch nationality. The police raided his mother's house a few hours after the massacre, where he lived. He was not there at the time. He probably fled by car, let the police.


A garage owner, who told his story anonymously in the Algemeen Dagblad, walked past the cafe shortly after the shooting. “A few seconds before that I had heard the chatter of a machine gun. Shortly afterwards I saw a man from between the 35 en 40 walk out quietly for years. He calmly put the firearm in a jacket pocket and then walked in the direction of the nearby station.”

The Algemeen Dagblad then describes the cafe as a 'slaughterhouse'..

“There was blood on all the walls and on all the furniture; the walls showed dozens of bullet holes. The injured were taken away by ambulance; after the forensics had done their job, the dead could be taken away.”

(Algemeen Dagblad, 06-04-1983)

Large tarpaulins have now been placed in front of the windows of the cafe.

Mayor Gallas of Delft and Chief Commissioner Bakker have now also visited the cafe.

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It is not the first time that there are problems in the nightlife of Delft. The police cannot say whether the case has anything to do with a group of young people who caused many problems in bars and cafes in Delft last year.. With carnival ' t Koetsiertje was beaten short and small by these young people.

“Something happens in every pub. This cafe was no exception.”, says police spokesman Frans van Rijswou in Het Vrije Volk. "

The owner of the pub is also among the injured. Neighbors say he had a firearm in his pocket. Police confirm there was a firearm in the owner's belt, but that the weapon had not been used.

Hoe ging het verder?

A few days later, Cevdet becomes Y. arrested.

He had had a fight with one of the customers in the pub. He would have made a comment about the fact that Y. had just been naturalized as a Dutch citizen. “You may have a Dutch passport, you are and will remain a cancer-Turk”. Then he would Y. knocked to the ground and became Y. laughed at by the other guests.

Shortly after, Y . came. back and opened fire.

AND. is sentenced to life imprisonment. He ended up shooting twelve times, of which hit ten times. The judge then described the situation as "more of an execution than a mad fight".. Also on appeal in cassation to the Supreme Court, Y. lifetime.

In August 2009 became known that Y. regularly went on supervised leave. During one of those engagements, he started a family. His leave was temporarily withdrawn.

In 2014 justice was forced by the court to cooperate with leave. The state had 2001 asked for TBS treatment myself and that includes leave, the Court found. Since that year he also lives under supervision outside the clinic.

Eventually there will also be a request for a clemency. That was rejected by Minister Dekker of Legal Protection. That also leads to a lawsuit. In 2021 decides to pardon Dekker after all, because there were no more options to reject it. AND. was planning to move to Turkey.


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