News 16 oktober

Kunsthal Rotterdam rocked by major art theft (2012), Beehive opens doors in Rotterdam (1930) and Ahmed Aboutaleb will be mayor of Rotterdam (2008)

News 17 oktober

Nedstaal in Alblasserdam goes bankrupt (2014)

News 18 oktober

Controversial Van der Louw still mayor of Rotterdam (1974), Princess Maxima causes traffic accident (2001) Controversial and acquitted murder suspect on Sedar Soares (2005)

News 19 oktober

CEO leaves ailing shipbuilder RSV (1982), Discoverer Tulip settles in Leiden (1593) and Nut Kapelse parish ripped through deluded (1958)

News 20 oktober

So many days have their own historical event. But that does not apply 20 oktober.

News 21 oktober

Tower under construction in Rotterdam collapses (2010)

News 22 oktober

Stormvloedkering Capelle run (1958) and Arrest for Murder 'Girl Zero' (2001)

News 23 oktober

Toxic drums in the Meuse after accidentally barge (1967), German Swim Switzerland to Hook of Holland. Of niet? (1969) and illustrious baseball club Sparta-Feyenoord bankrupt (2012)

News 24 oktober

Baby kidnapped from hospital Dordts (1988), Grand farewell Lee Towers in Ahoy (2000) and NATO summit in Noordwijk (2007)