ROTTERDAM – In the early morning, a train drove over the new Koningshaven bridge for the first time today, popularly known as 'De Hef'’ called.

Despite the very early time, the engineer thought it was a good reason to let his steam whistle be heard loudly..

“Last night in 05.07 o'clock she is by a Jumbo locomotive, with a tender 100 tons weighs put into use for the first time, while the engineer cheered the steam whistle, a triumphant cry, answered by the steam whistles of the floating she-goats that barely four hours earlier had lifted the old swing bridge from its stuff”

(Maasbode, 31-10-1927)

On the bridge worked for decades. In 1867 began construction of the railway line linking Rotterdam and Dordrecht.

First there was a swing bridge, but soon there were plans to replace it with the current lift bridge.

The swing bridge made it impossible for large seagoing vessels to get further into the harbor.

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Budget cuts meant that ir .'s plan. Joosting was put on hold for the time being.

That changed when in November 1918 a German steamship rammed into the bridge. The bridge ended up on its side in the water. It took a week for the damage to be repaired.

It was a sign to the government that the bridge actually had to be replaced. Pas in 1924 decided to still build the lift.

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