ROTTERDAM - At the Zestienhoven airport near Rotterdam this afternoon 53-year-old Jac. van Ham managed to complete a test flight of tens of kilometers with a handmade aircraft. The aircraft was directly chained by the aviation police, because it probably does not meet the requirements.

The pilot, who does have a pilot's license, was able to go directly to the airport police.

Van Ham stated that he would take a test ride on the beach. But things turned out differently.

“I taxied and suddenly saw a channel in front of me. I accelerated and then suddenly I was a few meters high. There were too many people and children to land again. Then go over the dunes and find a piece of grass. But it flew fantastic and that is why I immediately chose a real airport. ”

(Jac. from Ham, De Volkskrant, 15-09-1969)

That real airport became Zestienhoven, home of the Flying club Rotterdam. The 53-year-old suspect is also a member of that association.

It was at the airport, because of the opening of the new hangar of the flying club quite busy. The fact that a colleague arrived there in an unknown aircraft caused some excitement.

Staal, plywood and wood

The device was built by the Dijkman Dulkes brothers from Beverwijk. The two twenties, one carpenter and the other bench worker, have designed and built the device themselves. The device is made of steel pipes, triplex, linen and wood. A second-hand engine from a DAF passenger car is used for the drive, where already 120.000 kilometers driven.

“You do model building. At some point you want to know how and why it flies. Then you study literature about flying, you just start drawing and you soon play with the possibility of building something that you can really fly with. ”

(Cor Dijkman Dulkes, De Volkskrant, 16-09-1969)

The device took two years to work on. According to builder Cor Dijkman Dulkes, the material costs are around twelve hundred guilders. Dijkman learned Dulkes welding from a construction company nearby.

In a previous test, the device only came into the air for a very small amount. “A seesaw”, described builder Cor Dijkman Dulkes. But today it was different.

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The pilot left the two builders due to the unexpected start stunned behind on the beach. The two had no idea where their creation was flew to it.

“We have been waiting for a while, but he never came back. After all, we just went home. The phone didn't ring until three in the afternoon. He is on Zestienhoven said the pilot, come get it. Nou, we went directly to Rotterdam with the trailer behind the car, but there was nothing to get. "

(Cor Dijkman Dulkes, De Volkskrant, 16-09-1969)

Despite the fact that the aircraft does not, according to the aviation police is airy, according to the pilot, it is of high quality. "You can do that release the bat and it just continues flying. No vibration ”, says the aviator in the Volkskrant. The aircraft flew tens of kilometers with a speed of 90 tot 110 kilometer per uur.

Certificate of Airworthiness

The aviation inspection will inspect the aircraft, to see whether it will still be allowed to fly. The chance that the PH-COR is green getting light is "very unlikely", according to the inspection. Yet are also she impressed. “We have never seen our own built device before that flew so far. "

Whether the pilot can also expect a fine, because he broke a lot of aviation rules, is not yet clear.

Hoe ging het verder?

It is not entirely clear whether a fine was imposed become. However, there was an immediate call in the media to raise money the aviator, for the fine that might come.

The device, the PH-COR "Bravo" was ultimately not considered airworthy. A second version of the PH-COR did receive a certificate. And until the late 1990s, that device also flew at air shows.

The PH-COR now hangs in a museum on Texel.


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A special thanks goes to David Booster from AIRnews and Aviation- and War Museum in De Cocksdorp for the photo material.

Author: Dave Datema

published: 12-09-2019

story number: 127

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