ROTTERDAM - The visit of the American sex bomb Jayne Mansfield did not go unnoticed in Rotterdam. The highlight (at least for those involved) was to perform the kick-off for the premier division match between Sparta and DOS.

Mansfield was introduced to all players prior to the game. The two captains, Frans de Munck (OF) and Rinus Terlouw (Sparta) even got a little kiss on the cheek.

Then she turned to the center spot where she, with unusual footwear, was allowed to kick off the game.

“She bravely got the ball rolling and she did it with a well-aimed punt, that hit the mark among the photographers who always stalk her. She was shocked herself ”

(Het Vrije Volk, 14-10-1957)

The question was who was more impressed by Mansfield. Within minutes, the ball was behind DOS goalkeeper De Munck for the first time, who was surprised by a shot from Tinus Bosselaar, that ended up in goal through the fists of the "Black Panther". But that was Sparta's only highlight. Because DOS came back to the positives and eventually scored seven times (7-1).

Because the result gave little cause for a party feeling, Afterwards, the Sparta supporters mainly talked about the voluptuous appearance of Jayne Mansfield.

Afterwards, Mansfield announced that she was fond of football. "It was nice to be able to kiss those two athletes and to be honest I was a bit nervous about kick-off", writes the Algemeen Handelsblad.

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Bizarre scenes

24-year-old Mansfield was in our country for her films "The Girl Can't Help It" and "Oh, for a man 'and a visit to an American naval vessel moored along a Rotterdam quay. Everywhere she went she could count on a great public interest.

On Saturday, agents from The Hague already noticed how great the interest in the blonde could be. When she showed up on the Spui near the Astatheater, she personally caused a major traffic jam.

“The Mansfield fans from The Hague made a breakthrough, brandishing torn advertising plates, the police cordon to get a closer look at jayne. Her black dress therefore left few suspicions. In the foyer, she was almost pushed into the goldfish pond by the excited admirers and signature hunter. But Jayne remained kind to all, who so much appreciated her precious signature. ”

(Algemeen Handelsblad, 14-10-1957)

Public interest was no different in Rotterdam. After her visit to Het Kasteel she went on to a restaurant on the Hoogstraat in Rotterdam for dinner. The staff waited for her outside and formed a sort of guard of honor, before she went in.

Chef Scholten had put together a special dinner for Mansfield, with a Jayne Mansfield Oyster cocktal, a Hollywood Calfs Sweebread and a Powder-Cuff-Spoon. Incidentally, Mansfield has not eaten much from the menu, because she prefers not to eat meat. "Because that is so sad for the animals", she informed Het Vrije Volk.

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Not one, just two kisses

The visit to Rotterdam ended in the Princess Theater, that celebrated its 40th anniversary. This time she came in a completely different outfit, "A violet mermaid gown of a busty cut".

“All the hustle and bustle lost much of the effect of her hip-swaying entrance. But that was made up for when she climbed the stage in the theater along a narrow staircase. The parterre population sat there stalls and expressed their admiration in unambiguous exclamations ”

(Algemeen Handelsblad, 14-10-1957)

Mansfield addressed the attendees and wished the Prinsestheater good luck on the 40th anniversary. The director Keizer of the theater got a kiss on the cheek. That created so much enthusiasm in the room, that Emperor got another kiss.

Before Mansfield left for Amsterdam, for visiting some night clubs, she had to wrestle her way through the large army of signature hunters again. But she took the time and also passed out some hand kisses. Afterwards she admitted that dealing with this kind of public interest is quite tough. “I think it's dellicious, although I have to live on pills to keep it up”


Yet not everyone was served by the hip-swaying and kissing superstar. De Maasbode spoke shame of all the attention Mansfield asked for and received.

“A fairly tasteless demonstration by the American film girl Jayne Mansfield, who came up the field in her most photogenic pose, with too much aplomb at attention in front of the cameras threw hands with and gave kisses to players of both teams and finally of the nauseating adolescent stuff also before one of the two center forward reserved official kickoff another haphazard kick against the gave the ball. ”

(Maasbode, 14-10-1957)

According to the Maasbode, the Sparta board had made a mistake by giving Mansfield this podium. A majority of the audience would "only scornfully comment" for the showing.

It was not the first time that the newspaper was condescending about the movie diva. For example, it was emphasized that she could only owe her film career to a director "who captures her surplus of external and lack of internal qualities on camera in such a way., that she still fits exactly for certain roles. "

The newspaper is also shameful that the KNVB gave the opportunity for this kind of "fairground entertainment", because football is a very serious sport.

Tomorrow Mansfield will be in Amsterdam, at the new office of Twentieth Century Fox. She will leave for Stockholm on Tuesday, including hairdresser and dresser.


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