25 november 1967 - SCULPTOR Ossip Zadkine (77) PASSED AWAY

Paris / Rotterdam - In his hometown of Paris, the French-Russian sculptor Ossip Zadkine (77) deceased. He is known in the Netherlands of the picture 'The Destroyed City' on the Square 1940. This image shows the city of Rotterdam again after the bombing of the Germans.

25 november 1956 - Suez crisis leads to CAR FREE SUNDAY

Region – The Suez Crisis (war in the Sinai desert between Egypt and Israel) there is an oil-shortage (the oil could not pass through the Suez Canal). In the period up to the end of January is not allowed to drive on Sundays, unless a waiver is granted. Netherlands adheres properly to the rules, because it is strictly enforced. In Rotterdam are relatively distributed most fines; 13 pieces. In Amsterdam four, in The Hague 3.

25 november 2000 - CLIMATE IN THE HAGUE FAILED

Den Haag – A multi-day climate conference in the Hague does not result. Op 25 november, at the close of the summit and a day later than planned, even a joint final declaration not possible. There were follow-up appointments should be made on the Kyoto Convention 1997, on CO2 emissions. Especially the Americans and Japanese uncooperative.

25 november 2001 - Pim Fortuyn: ‘AT YOUR SERVICE’

Rotterdam – The Rotterdam former professor Pim Fortuyn presents itself as the leader of Liveable Netherlands. He ends his speech with 'At your service', something then it is inextricably linked. At the congress is Fortuyn with vast majority voted lijsttrekker.