ROTTERDAM - With almost military precision War Of Brienenoordbrug today on its new spot hazards. Under the watchful eye of thousands of interested bridge Zwijndrecht was towed to the new location.

The job took about 24 hour and was named by the stakeholders 'transport of the century'. However the transport without problems expired.

The transport, 300 meters long and 45 metre high, left yesterday around 11 o'clock in the morning Grootint in Zwijndrecht. From there it was transporting the Oude Maas Rotterdam along then sail along the center of Rotterdam to the other of Brienenoordbrug to, to stay just west lie.

A direct route was not possible, because the bridge at Dordrecht an impassable obstacle turned out to be.

An extension of the bridge needed, because one bridge (six-lane, three in each direction) no more traffic during rush hour can handle. Also is The bridge now over 25 years old and hard to interview when


With a height of 45 meter was precision work to the bridge, towed by the Smit Smit Siberia and Poland, along to get some spots. A toe, for example in the Spijkenisserbrug and the Botlekbrug the clearance was less than one meter (Spijkenisserbrug: 78 centimeter, Botlekbrug: 60 centimeter). In Koninginnebrug ('Have de') it was even less.

Definitely the place of the 'Hef' the interest of the large audience, despite transport in the middle of the night passes. "Here are professionals at work", tells a spectator to the reporter Trouw.

The people along the way are very impressed, as the ship passes the Koninginnebrug without touching it. When the transport has passed the last obstacle, there arises a spontaneous applause from the audience.

It is noteworthy have crowded along the route and pubs even Mayor Pepper received permission to open at night to keep. For the driving chips stall of 'Henk French fried potatoes' represents even a long line, as the bridge has passed (it was thirty at the time).

Only after an hour peace returns back to the North Island, although part of the public drove eastwards, to see the bridge again.

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The next day the bridge is lifted a few meters to Monday or Tuesday on the pillars to be put. Next Saturday is the rounded whole operation.

is in May next year bridge into operation. The traffic is then entirely on the new bridge guided. The old bridge is then restored. Pas in 1991 of 1992 is the situation adjusted such that both bridges can be put into operation.

Hoe ging het verder?

Op 1 mei 1990 will be the second of Brienenoordbrug in use taken.


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Author: Dave Datema

published: 16-02-2019

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