ROTTERDAM - Coen Moulijn is, just before the big European cup final against Celtic, knighted at the city hall in Rotterdam. But that was not completely flawless. The attacker arrived too late for the ribbon shower and Mayor Thomassen almost wanted to start a search for the top player.

"Would Mr. Moulijn come forward", the mayor asked this morning in the civic hall of the town hall.

“He has withdrawn from the ceremony? All policemen go out to track him down!”

(mayor Thomassen, Het Vrije Volk, 29-04-1970)

Moulijn would be appointed Knight of this morning Orange-Nassau. But to the surprise of all the people in the hall was the Feijenoord player not present.

Only at the end of the ceremony came the left winger still inside, rushed and brought by taxi.

“I didn't open the telegram until ten past nine, in which said I had to be at town hall at half past nine ”, Moulijn later said the GPD blades know. “It was of course too late then. You know as women still have to make up and so ... ”

“In these days before the European Cup Final I get so many telegrams from people who wish me the best, that I can not open all at once. … I put it in the mail thinking it was another encouragement. When I opened the mail this morning I suddenly saw, that it was quite different. ”

(Coen Moulijn, GPD sheets, 30-04-1970)

Moulijn was eventually awarded the knighthood by sports councilor Vos “I am very happy with my award. Especially when you practice a team sport it is difficult to stand out as a loner. ”

A week later, Moulijn was not too late for the ceremony on the Coolsingel after winning the European Cup for National Champions, in the 2-1 win over Celtic.


Het Vrije Volk - 29-04-1970 – Moulin gets - too late- ribbon

Limburgs Dagblad - 30-04-1970 – Coen Moulijn and Jan Janssen in the knighthood

Author: Dave Datema

published: 28-04-2020

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