The year is almost over and so is your leveled on television look back, The newspapers are full of it and on the radio you hear one after another annual. Why would the internet then be left behind.

Which events 2018 now got a place in the large database of historical events of Day When. These are cases where probably still talk about over a couple of years, high 'oh-yes' content.

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  • The storm 18 januari: "Such a storm comes but once every few years", KNMI said after the storm. In Rotterdam, voorhout, Sassenheim, Spijkenisse and Dordrecht full blown roofs of houses. According to the KNMI with winds of more than 120 kilometer per uur. The record was in Hoek van Holland (143 km / u).

  • The debacle surrounding the Hoekse Line: An inquiry draws on 15 February firm conclusions about the renovation of train- Metro between Rotterdam and Hook of Holland. The councilor responsible not intervene, even though he had been warned several times that it was not good. He also gets on.
  • The stinging Syrian Hague: Was there on 5 May do or do not terrorist motif at Malek F., the man who stabbed three people at Johanna Westerdijkpein Hague. The man is, in the first instance, a confused man 'named, because of earlier incidents. In the meantime, a terrorist motif as well as a possibility seen by justice. = XUfg_VKOpMw&t=24s

  • A bizarre comeback for FC Dordrecht: FC Dordrecht lost the first playoff game for a spot in the Eredivisie with 4-1 in-house. Chance would you say, especially after the 1-0 arrears midway through the return on 5 mei. But in the remaining half score from Dordrecht four times. After that, they also overcome the penalty shoot-. The competition is named after the "miracle of Leeuwarden".

  • Plane Crash in Stolwijk: Op 22 mei 2018 splitting a Cessna plane down in Stolwijk in Krimpenerwaard. The two passengers are killed. The unit had shortly before the crash hit some trees.
  • From Pegida barbecue: The right-wing activist group wants to Pegida 7 June hold a barbecue for the Laleli mosque in Rotterdam. There they are met by hundreds mosque visitors. Pegida still looks at the last moment on the barbecue with pork feast (= unclean) and is celebrated as a victory by the mosque visitors.

  • Criminal settlement in Delft: In a coffee house in Delft on 7 August broad daylight shot the former top criminal Karel Show. It is a statement.
  • Suicide Hague councilor: PVV councilor Willie Dill tends to 9 August suicide. A day earlier she was already in the news, because she claimed she was raped by a group of Muslims. It would have played its role as PVV'er.
  • Yet no cartoon contest in The Hague: Geert Wilders blows 30 August was a cartoon contest, which was scheduled for the parliament building. The exhibition would be displayed drawings of Muhammad. The immediate reason for blowing demonstrations in Pakistan against the cartoons and the arrest of a terrorist in The Hague.
  • Hackers discovered at the OPCW: Op 4 oktober 2018 DISS announces that the Russians have tried to hack the OPCW in The Hague. Four men put a car at the Marriott containing equipment, which you can break a short distance in a Wi-Fi network. The men will be deported. Russia denied that the men were spying.

  • Unilever pulls relocation plans: draws on Unilever 5 October, plans to move its headquarters from London to Rotterdam. Thus, the company is thus two main offices. It ensures that the debate on the abolition of dividend tax for companies gives a new impetus. Scrapping the tax is withdrawn a few weeks later.

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