News 31 maart

History Archeon Park opened in Alphen aan den Rijn (1994), Many killed in Allied bombing of Rotterdam West (1943) and World Summit on Afghanistan in The Hague (2009)

News 1 april

Beggars take in Brielle (1572) and "Take That guest at Radio Rijnmond ' (1996)

News 2 april

Veronica radio ship after April storm stranded at Scheveningen (1973), First issue Rotterdam Dagblad appears (1991) in Lucia B. released (2008)

News 3 april

Large poison scandal in Lekkerkerk (1980), Pretty Corps shoot civilians Rotterdam (1784) Aad de Mos appointed coach of Sparta (2010)

News 4 april

Pretty Corps Rotterdam shooting at civilians; a dead person (1784), Big Vodafone failure after fire in central Rotterdam (2012)

News 5 april

Shooting at café 't Koetsiertje in Delft; six dead (1983) and many hundreds of illegal immigrants hoping for a residence permit on Coolsingel (1994)

News 6 april

The search for good stories is a daily task, but sometimes you just can not find good story of some data. En 6 April, is one of them.

News 7 april

Cliff Richard concert canceled because runaway teens (1962) and Fisticuffs between motorcycle gangs in Rotterdam hotel (2016)

News 8 april

American superstar Frank Sinatra fills Ahoy (1989)

News 9 april

Massacre in Rotterdam after Spanish treason (1572), Museum Boijmans buy Koeningscollectie (1940) and Bloedbad in shopping Alphen aan den Rijn (2011)