News 28 januari

First victim Patrick S. from Spijkenisse found at Malledijk (2010), Dordrecht 'objections tiger' in jail (2015)

News 29 januari

For days we looked for compelling, historic or notable stories playing on 29 januari. But we did really, really, really can not find.

News 30 januari

Much Gorinchem evacuated due to high water Merwede (1995)

News 31 januari

Zoetermeer be a city 100.000 inwoners, says the province of South Holland. Space must be created for people who can not find a house in The Hague.

News 1 februari

Much South Holland under water after flood (1953), Maurice talks with Spanish military leadership on file (1608) Rotterdam and a third river crossing: Van Brienenoordbrug (1965)

News 2 februari

Film Oil B. Bommel premieres (1983) Pepper and Mayor of Rotterdam beats a commemorative coin for 650 year Rotterdam (1990).

News 3 februari

Parliament talks about contentious delivery of submarines to Taiwan (1981) and Whale stranded in Berckhey (1598)

News 4 februari

"Gifvondst Gouderak much larger than Lekkerkerk ' (1982), RFM employees stop working down to more sickness (1982) and stranded Chinese freighter attracts a lot of attention at Maasvlakte (2008)

News 5 februari

Bodies found along the A4 at Leiderdorp (2009)

News 6 februari

First match of the Dutch national team ' (1894), failed attempt on the life of Prince Maurits (1623) Gorinchem and under the spell of a true 'kunstrel' (1965)