News 16 februari

Kees Verkerk now Olympic Champion (1968), Fighting Blind Feyenoord- and Ajax hooligans along A10 (1997) Protest against and coming 'Pedo Swim Teacher' in Leiden (2014).

News 17 februari

War Of Brienenoordbrug shipped to Rotterdam (1989), Rotterdam presents own Vermeer'-art (1938) and skater Hein Vergeer wins World Allround (1985).

News 18 februari

Grote politieinval bij Slavenburgs Bank (1983), Jongens vinden verkleumde vondeling op vuilnisbelt (1978) en Duizenden handtekeningen tegen Dordtse pollers (2003)

News 19 februari

Rhine-Schelde-Verolme (RSV) on the edge of the abyss despite aid (1983) and longest train in the world goes through South Holland (1989)

News 20 februari

For the first time in 16 year Olympic gold for Netherlands with Bart Veldkamp (1992), Brothers Van der Valk arrested in tax investigation (1994)

News 21 februari

More than a hundred dead in sinking of SS Berlin in Hoek van Holland (1907)

News 22 februari

All history books have been thinned and read old newspapers piece, but interesting and fascinating stories from South Holland 22 February, not found. Not yet.

News 23 februari

Controversial asbestos ship arrives in Rotterdam (2007) and Slaughter Prohibition in force for meat shortages (1918)

News 24 februari

Protests in parliament hearing on release "Three of Breda" (1972) and Book Retailer Polare bankrupt (2014)