News 6 augustus

Escaped Master Kraker appears in Hague house (1974)

News 7 augustus

Misluke attack on Binnenrotte has major implications (1942), Major prisoner swap in Hoek van Holland (1916) and World Equestrian Games in The Hague: Beautiful, but expensive (1994)

News 8 augustus

Stones concert at Kurhaus discontinued because of chaos in the hall (1964)

News 9 augustus

Kijkduin flooded with Pokémon Go players (2016) Explosion on ship in the heart of Rotterdam (1911) and Mega Transfer for young Feyenoord's Royston Drenthe (2007)

News 10 augustus

Riots in Afrikaanderwijk aimed at Turkish immigrants (1972), Minister intervenes in row over pier tickets (1964) and Angry skippers lay flat shipping (1981)

News 11 augustus

Cracked army barracks with Milvakamp razed (1970), Bike ride protest against pollution ends up in Hoek van Holland (1977) and Holland under the spell of eclipse (1999)

News 12 augustus

Sometimes things are very hard to find. Historical stories on 12 August Play example.

News 13 augustus

Royal family moved to The Hague (1981), Plan all football pass on first day fiasco (1989) and Popular TV psychologist Diekstra accused of plagiarism (1996)

News 14 augustus

Demonstration ban after riots Hague Schilderswijk (2014)

News 15 augustus

Circus Theater in Scheveningen reopened with US blockbuster (1993), Prime Minister Lubbers pelted with eggs during commemoration (1991) Former footballer and Faas Wilkes deceased (2006)