News 21 januari

We looked very hard, but we have no particular, find interesting or remarkable stories on 21 played in January.

News 22 januari

Dutchman leads coup Batavian Republic (1798), Soldiers come after joyvlucht from Valkenburg (1965) Hague and pop band Shocking Blue 1 in United States (1970)

News 23 januari

Rotterdam water too salty for consumption, long lines of people waiting for fresh water (1963)

News 24 januari

Spido opgericht in de Rotterdamse haven (1919), Noor Herlaar Maassluis winner of the television show "Searching for Mary Poppins' (2010)

News 25 januari

Assault on Elba passport factory in Schiedam (1988) and Heaviest storm 70 year attracts about Holland (1990)

News 26 januari

Kees Verkerk tackles world record at European Championships in Inzell (1969) and Queen kicks off for Rotterdam Cultural Capital ' (2001)

News 27 januari

Bram Peper, the new mayor of Rotterdam (1982) and Willem Holleeder no longer in Rotterdam cell (2012).

News 28 januari

Dordrecht 'objections tiger' in jail (2015)

News 29 januari

For days we looked for compelling, historic or notable stories playing on 29 januari. But we did really, really, really can not find.