News 12 november

Arrests at praatpeal in Dordrecht (2011) and nearly two hundred people arrested during Sinterklaasintocht in Maassluis and Rotterdam (2016)

News 13 november

Great Church Assembly begins in Dordrecht (1618) and Assault on Ministry and State house (1991)

News 14 november

There are many special and exciting historical events in our region. But of 14 November is not found yet.

News 15 november

Feyenoord goalkeeper shoot live seagull in the sky (1970), Drechttunnel commissioned (1977) Pim Fortuyn and wrongly named "Greatest Dutchman ' (2004)

News 16 november

Tanker washed up on beach Kijkduin (1977), Strangers steal skull to dig in Gorinchem (2017)

News 17 november

Possibly poison among houses in Gouderak (1981) Family and Guardian acquitted in 'Case Savanna' (2006)

News 18 november

Netherlands shows its colors: However, royal and not revolution (1918), Jewish protesters prevent theater in Rotterdam (1987) and Frans Jonker takes Rotterdam without bloodshed (1488)

News 19 november

Dordtse Waard under water after St. Elizabeth Flood (1421), Three killed in Cafémoord in Rottedam (2005) and Street by Vermeer found in Delft (2015)

News 20 november

Emma was sworn in as regent for sick king William III (1890) Bird flu and fixed in Ter Aar (2014)

News 21 november

New Dutch state declared in The Hague (1813), No end of time, as predicted in Heinenoord (2001) and Rotterdam woman appears dead for ten years to be at home (2013)