News 24 oktober

Baby kidnapped from hospital Dordts (1988), Grand farewell Lee Towers in Ahoy (2000) and NATO summit in Noordwijk (2007)

News 26 oktober

Millions signatures against cruise missiles delivered in The Hague (1985) Thousands of police and take action in The Hague (1987)

News 27 oktober

Rotterdam police into disrepute after participating demonstration (1977), Queen reads from New Bible (2004) and last post office closed in Netherlands (2011)

News 28 oktober

Orange in trouble after bomblet Netherlands in Cyprus (1987) and "Friends of Feyenoord 'stabbing 17 million in the club (2010)

News 29 oktober

Largest demonstration in Dutch history (1983)

News 30 oktober

Dr. Ockels first Dutchman in space (1985) and Computerhandel Infotheque from Leiden requests suspension of payments (1991)

News 31 oktober

"The Hef" commissioned in Rotterdam (1927), Spaniards besiege Leiden (1573) and Kidnapping in Scheveningen prison in order (1974)

News 1 november

Tens of thousands dead on All Saints Flood in Holland and Belgium (1570) and Frans Bauer enters 10 times in sold out Ahoy (2003)

News 2 november

Searching still hard to historic story 2 november.