News 2 juni

Rolling Stones show sold out concerts in De Kuip (1982), Raid in Schiedam for international waste scandal (1987) and Cup final between Feyenoord and Den Bosch degenerates into chaos and lawsuits (1991)

News 3 juni

Municipality of Rotterdam presents far-reaching plans for Southbank (1987)

News 4 juni

Farewell Match Willem van Hanegem (1983), Leiden virtually bankrupt (1494)

News 5 juni

Acquittal in first major terror trial (2003), Dalai Lama bezoekt Den Haag (2009), Spelende ijsbeer Vicks sloopt ruit Blijdorp (2011)

News 6 juni

unfortunately, There is still searching for the historic story that plays on 6 juni.

News 7 juni

Football-loving Netherlands mourns after SLM disaster (1989), gets Rotterdam (again) city ​​rights (1340) and Rotterdam says massive 'no' to Town Province (1995)

News 8 juni

Protest against prison for long-haired conscript (1971) and Martin Verkerk lost final of Roland Garros (2003)

News 9 juni

Farewell Match Feyenoord icon Coen Moulijn (1972) and Marco Borsato start series with six times sold Cockpit (2004)

News 10 juni

Rotterdam five women arrested in Turkey for drug smuggling (2003)

News 11 juni

Measles diving in Alblasserwaard (2013), Fake bomb found in train in Gouda (1987) and Mayor Pepper puts controversial politicans chef still on the side (1997)