News 31 maart

History Archeon Park opened in Alphen aan den Rijn (1994), Many killed in Allied bombing of Rotterdam West (1943) and World Summit on Afghanistan in The Hague (2009)

News 30 maart

Last number Het Vrije Volk appears (1991), Riots at CP memorial in Kedichem (1996) and Prince Willem-Alexander announces engagement to (2001)

News 29 maart

Activists stabbing hotel fire at CP meeting (1986), Paintings vandalized with knife in Dordrecht Museum (1989)

News 28 maart

but, but, but .... We searched a long time for an exciting and interesting story in the history of 28 maart. But for now there is nothing found.

News 27 maart

Rotterdam district vacated 'Bellebom' (1988), Feyenoord stadium into use (1937) and Bieber-fever in Ahoy (2010)

News 26 maart

Conflagration in Rotterdam Eemhaven (1973), ABN AMRO Bank merger and clinched (1990) Noise and after fatal fire in Hague Schilderswijk (1997)

News 25 maart

Bijenkorf department store opens in The Hague (1926), Euromast open to public (1960) and Orange players send Rotterdam coach Libregts road (1990)

News 24 maart

Met vandaag onder meer: Dutch team wins in the Hague 'beaten England' (1913) and World Leaders in The Hague for nuclear summit (2014)

News 23 maart

DuPont nudged years of excess toxins from (2016) and Battle between Feyenoord- and Ajax hooligans in Beverwijk takes one life (1997)

News 22 maart

Jurist Hugo de Groot escaped from Loevestein in Bookcase (1621), British Ambassador in The Hague murdered in cold blood (1979) and Van Kooten and De Bie stop TV show (1997).