SLIEDRECHT – In Sliedrecht today opened the first IKEA furniture store Netherlands. Netherlands is 23you are country with a branch of the Swedish furniture store with the yellow-blue colors.

The new store in Sliedrecht occupies 14.600 square meter, the size of almost three football fields. There is furniture, wallpaper and lighting sold. The store has a remarkable self-control, the customers in a warehouse parts can be collect. For children there is even a ball.

The furniture should be put myself together. Consequently, the purchase price of the furniture bearing.

IKEA expects each week between 12.000 en 15.000 visitors.


The arrival of IKEA in the dredging village was far from easy. Al in 1973 Swedish furniture maker attempted to open a store in Sliedrecht.

The Sliedrechtse council was hesitant about the arrival of the Swedish furniture giant. The local shopkeepers were afraid they would miss out on revenue. IKEA invited the councilors to come talk to shopkeepers in Sweden. The management wanted to show the people in Sliedrecht that drew an IKEA store just more audience to a place.

The board of Sliedrecht found that an objective assessment by a visit to Sweden was no longer possible. The invitation was rejected.


IKEA but did not give up. was two years later, another proposal on the table, this time to buy 40.000 square meters of land. The SGP blocked the plan this time, a bulging public gallery, filled with shopkeepers from Sliedrecht. A large furniture disturbs the Sunday rest, was the explanation.

In a roundabout way he managed the third time though. The carpenter came in contact with the Sliedrecht businessman Henk Hartog. He is the owner of several furniture stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Arnhem. So he knows what it's like to run a large furniture store in suburban area.

Hartog last time ever bought plots in the industrial Nijver De Waard. Early last year the City Council Sliedrecht agreed to sell 12.450 sqm at investment Hartog. What would happen to the land, which may determine the buyer, was in the contract.

When Hartog then a few months later was publicized that a large hall would be built, where a furniture store would be, caused a storm of protest.

"What our surprise when a few men presented themselves to the notice of intention to establish an IKEA business. And that in a building still expanding at a newly purchased plot of land by an Ikea store along Leeghwaterstraat in Sliedrecht "

(J. Zoutendijk, municipality Sliedrecht, Reformatorisch Dagblad, 12 oktober 1977)

The municipality Sliedrecht then stepped to court. But the judge had the congregation 'restrictions' to be taken in the sales contract with Hartog. IKEA, the municipality has fooled, made no difference, the judge said.

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A lot of interest

A few weeks ago, IKEA announced that the store would open today. It was also announced that there is still room for a hundred jobs in a so-called alternating week system. Part-timers would alternate a week or a week and do not work.

The enthusiasm for this part-time jobs is huge. Nearly a thousand applicants, mostly women, have responded to the ads. This is the mood among the unemployed lot more positive about IKEA than other groups in Sliedrecht.


The management of the new Ikea store does not want to pass unnoticed opening anyway. For today include planned action by Ria Bremer, the Dust-es-in-Show.

Sinterklaas is with many important people he met later in the afternoon are also Scandinavian fellow kindervriend, Santa. And for those who still need Sinterklaasgedichten writer is a poet quickly controlled.

* Ikea ad, the Free People, 28-11-1978.

How did the story proceed?

Ikea Sliedrecht further put on the map. In addition to the dredging industry Sliedrecht was now inseparable from the Swedish furniture giant.

Every year there were certainly a million visitors to the Ikea store, which was the major organizer of the Sliedrecht furniture mall. The main attraction for many children: the ball pit.

Na 20 year IKEA bought the building Henk Hartog. When the Sliedrecht IKEA was no longer the only one in Netherlands. In 1982 was in Amsterdam (not jobs or Nijkerk) IKEA opened, but that was a smaller branch. Thereafter, followed Duiven, Amsterdam South East, Delft (yet) Eindhoven.

Because in Barendrecht (2001) and Breda (2003) large branches came at, the importance of the "little was’ Sliedrecht a lot less. The current IKEA in Barendrecht is three times as large as the branch in Sliedrecht.

Op 13 maart 2006 will be indicated to the conclusion of the Sliedrecht IKEA, huge disappointment to the staff and locals, that IKEA has entered fully into the arms. Op 1 juli 2006 is the first IKEA in the Netherlands close.

Anno 2017 there are plans to seduce IKEA again to open a small office in Sliedrecht. Whether this plan a chance of success is not saying yet.


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Text: Dave Datema

published: 01 oktober 2017

story number: 37

Thanks go to the Historical Society Sliedrecht

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