SLIEDRECHT - several passengers have died When a train crash between two passenger trains at Station Sliedrecht. A train collided with another train, which stopped at the platform. The onrushing locomotive pounded several wooden train sets and came to rest on its side next to the track.

The accident happened around six thirty tonight. A slow train to Dordrecht was waiting at one of the platforms. A second train, coming from Leerdam, came from unknown cause on the track with the slow train up and drilled at high speed into the rear carriages.


The devastation was enormous. The steam locomotive drove about a hundred meters by, before it derailed. The wooden carriages were crushed, as if they were made of paper. Most of the victims were in the slow train.

One of the trains then caught fire. Sliedrecht was seen across the orange glow of the fire.

Two members of the Emergency saw the accident happen and warned the fire department and the Red Cross. The wound is first collected in the waiting room of the station. The people who need more care, have been transferred to the Green Cross Hospital. Because they do the current casualties can not handle is later opened an emergency hospital on the night in a gymnasium at the Kerkbuurt.

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Search in the dark

The rescue efforts are hampered by the blackout rules. Now the war is, is not allowed to use lights. Despite the special circumstances, The Germans were the were not that inflamed still lights.

The burning train was not extinguished, because the fire caused the only light, the rescue- and salvage operations made possible. The expectation is that as the work has been completed, firefighters still goes out the fire.

About the number of victims is still unknown. There is only talk of "multiple lives".

Hoe ging het verder?

The disaster eighteen people were killed. Additionally touched 61 people injured.

The accident was caused by one of the bills was set wrong. There is talk about 'poor communication'. One of the signs indicated that the track was 'safe', but that was not the case.

On Monday 27 november 2017 is in Sliedrecht station unveiled a memorial to the victims of the train crash, 75 years earlier.


In almost all newspapers 28 November train disaster was reported in Sliedrecht. But more than three paragraphs were not. On strangely, an accident that 18 deaths. there was the next day no longer be found on the accident. The exact reason is, is niet duidelijk, but the possible war plays a role.

Train Accidents in Netherlands

The train disaster in Sliedrecht can be found in the list of nasty accidents with most fatalities. At the top of the train disaster in Harmelen, in the province of Utrecht. There clashed 8 januari 1962 two trains on one another. Looked at the number of victims who fell in Sliedrecht, is this train disaster in fourth place.

  1. Harmelen (8-1-1962) – 93 doden
  2. Weesp (13-9-1918) – 41 doden
  3. Schiedam (4-5-1976) – 24 doden
  4. Sliedrecht (27-11-1942) – 18 doden
  5. Ripe (16-10-1940) – 13 doden


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Thanks to the Historical Society Sliedrecht for providing footage

Text: Dave Datema

published: 27 november 2017

story number: 101

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