News 30 april

Orange wins first match (1905) and Juliana Years (75) is central to the Queen in The Hague (1984)

News 29 april

operation Manna; food droppings over starving Holland (1945), Koninginnenach "the victim of its own success (1998) and Leading Excelsior insane competitieslot Eredivisie (2007)

News 28 april

VIDEO: first Netherlands - Belgium played for rotating cameras, Dordrecht (1912)

News 27 april

Detergents War breaks out around Persil Power (1994), Lex Harding introduces commercial television in the Netherlands and Feyenoord wins cup in jubilee / disaster year (2008)

News 26 april

Iranian embassy in The Hague occupied (1984), VIDEO: First ship with Marshall arrives in Rotterdam (1948)

News 25 april

Feyenoord champion, but party disrupted by rioters (1999), Nightclub dancer bitten by Leo during act (1974) and the Hague Jeweler shot during robbery (2012)

News 24 april

Finally vows to move yourself-Friso Mabel (2004)

News 23 april

Fire on the Scheveningen pier (1968), Tens of thousands of Turks demonstrate in The Hague against Kurds (1995) Hundreds and controversial arrests after Feyenoord - Ajax (2006)

News 22 april

What there are still lots of history stories, all data from calendar. But the fascinating, dramatic or shocking story 22 April not found.

News 21 april

cabinet Decision: the Betuwelijn comes (1995) and Gouda running out for Easter story in The Passion (2011)