News 8 februari

"Mayor Pepper responsible for fiasco Rotterdam 650 year ' (1991) and Queen Beatrix will receive Honorary Doctorate from the University of Leiden (2004)

News 7 februari

On most days of the year has come about quite a nice story. But that interesting, captivating and fascinating story 7 February, we have not found yet.

News 6 februari

First match of the Dutch national team ' (1894), failed attempt on the life of Prince Maurits (1623) Gorinchem and under the spell of a true 'kunstrel' (1965)

News 5 februari

Bodies found along the A4 at Leiderdorp (2009)

News 4 februari

"Gifvondst Gouderak much larger than Lekkerkerk ' (1982), RFM employees stop working down to more sickness (1982) and stranded Chinese freighter attracts a lot of attention at Maasvlakte (2008)

News 2 februari

Film Oil B. Bommel premieres (1983) Pepper and Mayor of Rotterdam beats a commemorative coin for 650 year Rotterdam (1990).

News 3 februari

Parliament talks about contentious delivery of submarines to Taiwan (1981) and Whale stranded in Berckhey (1598)

News 1 februari

Much South Holland under water after flood (1953), Maurice talks with Spanish military leadership on file (1608) Rotterdam and a third river crossing: Van Brienenoordbrug (1965)

News 29 februari

It is a day that only occurs once every four years. The chance that you opduikelt a special story of the day is also four times smaller.