News 21 juli

There are many stories on the Day when, but the special story of July 21 was not found yet.

News 20 juli

open Haringvlietbrug, Flakkee now accessible by road (1964), Pim Fortuyn reburied in Italy (2002) Feyenoord and under financial supervision (2009)

News 19 juli

First Free State Assembly in Dordrecht (1572), Precursor Feyenoord football club founded (1908) and Conviction in Port Scandal (2013)

News 18 juli

Scheveningen pier reopened after two years (2015) and World magic started in The Hague (1988)

News 17 juli

President Bush brings lightning visit to The Hague and Leiden (1989), master forger Han van Meegeres: 'Boijmans masterpiece is my forgery' (1945) Controversial and chemical company in the Botlek again under scrutiny after explosion (1974)

News 16 juli

Chinese men hostage badly injured man from Hague Hospital (1966), First North Sea Jazz launched (1976) Lubbers and longest serving Prime Minister of Netherlands (1993)

News 15 juli

Furious Turks in Rotterdam to the streets after coup (2016)

News 14 juli

Unrest in caravan world: 23 fires in Katwijk in one weekend (1971), Dioxin found in milk Vlaardingse (1989) First and condemnation by ICTY (1997)

News 13 juli

Mario Been 'voted out' as Feyenoord coach (2011)

News 12 juli

Humanist Erasmus dies in Switzerland (1536) and new Botlek bridge will only bring problems after opening (2015)