News 30 september

Atomic ship visits Rotterdam (1964) and 'Odfjelll concealed Butane leakage' (2011)

News 29 september

After weeks of searching, the historic event 29 September still not found. But maybe there is something overlooked.

News 28 september

Rotterdam Turks killed in accident Central Amer (2003)

News 27 september

Shell strike ends with violence (1979) and Terror Threat in the Netherlands after attacks 11 september (2001)

News 26 september

Death Count William IV of Holland triggered civil war (1345)

News 25 september

Thousandth performance "Soldier of Orange" in TheaterHangaar (2013)

News 24 september

"The Hef" last used (1993), "Large-scale fraud receipts in Rotterdam city hall ' (1999) and dead in collision between two freight trains in Barendrecht (2009)

News 23 september

Shipbuilder Verolme keeps hand in The Hague (1969) and Inge de Bruijn grabs third gold medal at Olympic Games in Australia (2000)

News 21 september

Man throws waxinelichthouder to Golden Coach (2010) and Alphens girl found dead in car trunk (2004)

News 20 september

Senator stores newly colleagues a black eye (1966), Charity Contest SLM disaster poses few spectators (1989) and Big demonstration in Rotterdam against cuts (2004)