The sixteenth episode of the Dagvantoen podcast focuses on the riots between Ajax and Feyenoord hooligans near Beverwijk., this week 25 jaar geleden. The riots cost the life of a man from Amsterdam and caused a shock in the Dutch football world, because for the first time there was a death after a fight date.

What was the impact of those events of 23 maart 1997 on the development of hooliganism in the Netherlands and especially the approach to it.

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“The events at Beverwijk have been the signal to study how England tackled hooliganism”, says professor Jan Brouwer of the University of Groningen. He has been researching the approach to football-related violence for more than twenty years.

According to Brouwer, an approach has been developed in the Netherlands that goes much further than the English approach. “We have by far the strictest football legislation in the world here in the Netherlands.”

The rules have worked, says Brouwer. “It was known within supporter groups that ruthless action was being taken. You not only got a stadium ban but also several fines and that worked… until corona broke out.”

An extensive conversation with Professor Brouwer and archive material from 1997 in this episode of the Dagvantoen podcast.

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