News 30 juni

Elderly Flat evacuated because of cracks in the facade (2003) and finally top football weather in De Kuip (1945)

News 29 juni

Newly engaged couple Claus and Beatrix welcomed with confetti in The Hague (1965), Wildcat in newly liberated Rotterdam (1945) and Riots in Schilderswijk after death arrested (2015)

News 28 juni

Met vandaag onder meer: Patriots arrest princess at Goejanverwellesluis (1787) and City fire Dordrecht partly explains in the shaft (1457)

News 8 juni

Protest against prison for long-haired conscript (1971) and Martin Verkerk lost final of Roland Garros (2003)

News 9 juni

Farewell Match Feyenoord icon Coen Moulijn (1972) and Marco Borsato start series with six times sold Cockpit (2004)

News 10 juni

Rotterdam five women arrested in Turkey for drug smuggling (2003)

News 11 juni

Measles diving in Alblasserwaard (2013), Fake bomb found in train in Gouda (1987) and Mayor Pepper puts controversial politicans chef still on the side (1997)

News 12 juni

Bruce Springsteen enters for the first time at Feyenoord stadium (1985)

News 13 juni

Lower House agreed with placing cruise missiles (1984) Euro2000 and also start in Rotterdam (2000)

News 14 juni

Inland Boatmen blokkerren river near Gorinchem (1988), Shipbuilders from Rozenburg campaigning on Binnehof (1979) Hockey and Women hold world title in The Hague (2014)