News 30 juni

Elderly Flat evacuated because of cracks in the facade (2003) and finally top football weather in De Kuip (1945)

News 29 juni

Newly engaged couple Claus and Beatrix welcomed with confetti in The Hague (1965), Wildcat in newly liberated Rotterdam (1945) and Riots in Schilderswijk after death arrested (2015)

News 28 juni

Met vandaag onder meer: Patriots arrest princess at Goejanverwellesluis (1787) and City fire Dordrecht partly explains in the shaft (1457)

News 27 juni

floris V, Count of Holland, murdered by nobles (1296) and march of civilization against government cuts to culture (2011)

News 26 juni

Dutch answer to Woodstock in the Kralingse Bos (1970)

News 25 juni

KJV Wins First Supercup Competition in Netherlands (1949) and Mega Merger between Pakhoed and Van Ommeren in Rotterdam harbor is canceled (1998)

News 24 juni

Pensioenfonds ABP discredited after dubious investments include Babylon (Den Haag) (1983), Hospital in Spijkenisse bankrupt (2013) Imposing and television debut artist André van Duin (1964)

News 23 juni

Dutch first heart transplant in Rotterdam (1984), Case against Ina Post must (2009) and ROC Leiden rescued by government (2015)

News 22 juni

Rotterdam Schie will disappear (1939), Marines in action against antisocial junkies of the Perron 0 ' (1992) and Girl killed in Scheidams Beatrixpark (2000)

News 21 juni

is not for the June 21 special, special or separate story story found.