News 18 mei

'Father Drees', former Prime, deceased (1988), First sod for Rotterdam Zoo in the ground (1857) and Bokito ontstnapt from Blijdorp (2007)

News 17 mei

Pirate station Radio Veronica begins broadcasting (1960) and Minister Maij-Weggen away whistling during infromatiebijeenkomst on Betuweroute in Giessenburg (1993)

News 16 mei

DST introduced in Netherlands (1940), Raids in the Alblasserwaard (1944) and 'The Trap' draws thousands in Rotterdam (2016)

News 15 mei

Explosion on radio ship Radio Noordzee (1971), Dutch first test tube baby born (1983) Pim Fortuyn posthumous winner parliamentary elections (2002)

News 14 mei

bombed Rotterdam (1940), Arrests after first official Provo happening in Rotterdam (1966) and The Hague is not out for Pope visit (1985)

News 13 mei

Johan van Barneveld beheaded in The Hague (1619), TU Delft building burned (2008) Johan Cruyff and stop playing football (1984)

News 12 mei

Riots in Schilderswijk after television documentary (1969), Operation Nightshade on 16 Shell-stations (1993) and Rotterdam introduces: Sleep Box for homeless (1993)

News 11 mei

Mega Sandcastle unveiled at the Boulevard of Scheveningen (1991) and Dalai Lama holds service in Ahoy (2014)

News 10 mei

German troops invade Netherlands (1940), Ship rams' De Hef in Rotterdam (1978) and delivered Maeslantkering; Delta works finished (1997)

News 9 mei

No historical stories 9 mei, unfortunately. They have not yet found.