News 7 januari

Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard married at St. James in The Hague (1937), The Hague gets a Catholic mayor (1957) and Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam impresses with 'you still rot Heads-note (2015).

News 6 januari

Rotterdam collision between two ships on the Red Sea (1953) and the dilapidated house 'Geitemie' the Strait is aborted (1934).

News 5 januari

Black smoke rises over Dordrecht and Hoekschewaard after fire at Chemie Pack (2011), Omtreden concillie about celibacy launched in Noordwijkerhout (1970) and Helletocht in Maasland; Hulzebosch win NK on natural (1993).

News 4 januari

Feyenoord icon Coen Moulijn dies (2011), Riots in Maluku district Capelle (1984) and thousands Moluccan goodbye to Old RMS president Manusama (1996).

News 3 januari

Ship of the Holland America Line sinks off the Canadian coast (1968)

News 2 januari

Methyl bromide in drinking water Westland (1981) Minister Zalm and spends first Euro in a shop on the Grote Markt in The Hague (2002).

News 1 januari

Bonfire Duindorp largest in the world (2015), Explosion at bonfire in Vlaardingen (2008), Household washes in Scheveningen (1991) Woman and Rebellion in prison (1978).

News 31 december

Ook op de laatste dag van het jaar zal toch wel iets historische gebeurd zijn? Voorlopig is die gebeurtenis nog niet gevonden.

News 30 december

Bart from Roelofarendsveen wins first Big Brother (1999) Dordrecht and officials threatened nepgranaat (2010)

News 29 december

Between Christmas and New Years happens not so much, but whats a historical event 29 December found?