News 28 mei

President Bill Clinton will visit Rotterdam, The Hague and Delft (1997), Hooligans brawl around RTL studios (1995) and Rotterdam, painter Kees van Dongen deceased (1968)

News 27 mei

Sparta relegated for the first time in the Premier League (2002)

News 26 mei

Recognition asked for Moerman method (1979) and Nenijto opened in Rotterdam (1928)

News 25 mei

Woman killed with pen in Leiden (1991)

News 24 mei

'Rotterdam Indian' Joan Franka off at Eurovision (2012) Princess Margriet and slightly injured in car accident (1965)

News 23 mei

Bomb attack on the Coolsingel (1938), Nieuwerkerkse Angela Visser named Miss Universe (1989), run first marathon in Rotterdam (1909)

News 22 mei

German excuses for bombing of Rotterdam (1995) and Brielle 'Terror Jaap' wins TV show Golden Cage (2008)

News 21 mei

Newly crowned Queen Beatrix festive welcome in The Hague (1980), Greenpeace blocks toxic death ship in Waalhaven (1980) and Rotterdam climber dies after reaching summit Mount Everest (2016)

News 20 mei

Massive relocation operation from 'gifwijk' started in Lekkerkerk (1980) and achieved first Dutch expedition to North Pole on foot (1997)

News 19 mei

Queen Juliana opens the Doelen in Rotterdam (1966) and Night Wiegel, Paars-II valt (1999)