For millions stolen from Kunsthal

ROTTERDAM - seven works tonight stolen from Rotterdam's Kunsthal. These are works of famous painters such as Pablo Picasso,...

Heavily Injured woman found in Malle Dijk Spijkenisse

In the Dike Malle in Spijkenisse is encountered in seriously injured Nanda Kerklaan. The woman dies a few days later. The Patrick S takes years before it becomes clear. sitting behind her death.

Baby kidnapped from hospital Dordts

DORDRECHT - tonight kidnapped a baby from the Merwede Hospital in Dordrecht. The baby was six days old and in a special section with ...

Johan Cruyff as ordinary court in Dordrecht

Football player Johan Cruyff to appear in court as a witness, because he would have been paid with dirty money as possible for three games at DS'79. He is one of the witnesses in the case Frisol