News 1 november

Tens of thousands dead on All Saints Flood in Holland and Belgium (1570) and Frans Bauer enters 10 times in sold out Ahoy (2003)

News 2 november

Searching still hard to historic story 2 november.

News 4 november

Regional leave the car in car-free Sunday (1973), Erasmus Bridge closed due to vibrations (1996) and Counterparty (Van Kooten and De Bie) present political program Rugop'81 (1980)

News 30 november

King William I returned to the Netherlands (1813), IKEA opens first Dutch filliaal in Sliedrecht (1978) Feyenoord hooligans and keep house in Nancy (2006)

News 29 november

Judge puts an end to strike garbage Rotterdam (1983) and two derailments on new light rail (2006)

News 28 november

Plans for a new football stadium in the south of Rotterdam (1931) Professional football and started for eleven regional teams (1954)

News 27 november

Luyn new bishop of Rotterdam (1993), Train Disaster in Sliedrecht 18 doden (1942)

News 26 november

There are numerous stories on this site, but the historical story 26 November is still missing. Maybe it will come later in.

News 25 november

Picture Holder Ossip Zakdine deceased (1967), Suez Crisis leads to car-free Sunday (1956) Pim Fortuyn: 'At your service' (2001)