News 11 oktober

Queen Juliana opens revamped Moerdijkbrug (1978), Also anthrax letters in The Hague (2001) and Nobel Peace Prize for setting Hague (2013)

News 10 oktober

closed Scheveningen pier; no longer safe (2013), Jennefer Missing girl found dead (2011) in bullying and boy sticking fellow student death in Voorburg (2014)

News 8 oktober

Hirohito controversial visit to Rotterdam and The Hague (1971), Smit and Mammoet lights Russian nuclear submarine (2001) and savers and local authorities in Icelandic bank problems by toppling (2008)

News 7 oktober

Jody Bernal (Delft) breaks record with single Que Si Que No (2000)

News 6 oktober

NLM device crashes near Moerdijk after flight from Rotterdam (1981) and the Queen's Commissioner for stepping on Ceteco affair (1999)

News 5 oktober

Collision at Oude Maas with ferry; 7 doden (1980), Angry mob in Rotterdam shoots Bailiff's house in Kosterman riots (1690) and biggest industrial action in history on Malieveld (1991)

News 4 oktober

Large Industrial Ford visits the Rotterdam (1930)

News 3 oktober

Lead appalled by Beggars (1574), Count William II of Holland appointed King of Germany (1247) Police and shows reconstruction of the Maas Girl ' (2006)

News 2 oktober

As for the historic event 2 October, we are still groping a bit in the dark. There is searched, but nothing found.