News 19 maart

Bep van Klaveren says goodbye to boxing (1956), Rotterdam, painter Willem de Kooning deceased (1997) Wilders and a sensation with his "less, less' remark in The Hague (2014)

News 18 maart

Ahoy evacuated after bomb threat at tennis final (1984), Great escape prison Scheveningen (1984) and Rozenburg added to Rotterdam (2010).

News 17 maart

"Perhaps a hundred toxic drums in recreation in Alphen aan den Rijn ' (1988) and stop at Dordrecht mayor in The Hague (1786)

News 16 maart

Dutch football power in Europe definitively broken after shutdown Feyenoord (1977) and Dordrecht policeman arrested for dying girl (2010)

News 15 maart

William of Orange outlawed by King Philip II (1580), King William II announces new constitution (1848) and aircraft manufacturer Fokker bankruptcy (1996)

News 14 maart

RET wins first contract Rotterdam Public Busvervoer (2012)

News 13 maart

Bishop Bär unexpectedly away from Rotterdam (1993), Minister Pepper gets on to receipts affair (2000) and Rotterdam Central opened by King Willem-Alexander (2014)

News 12 maart

Luchtsingel first winner of the Rotterdam City Initiative (2012)

News 11 maart

Turkish Minister may not enter consulate in Rotterdam (2017) and Former President Milosevic of Yugoslavia deceased in cell ICC in The Hague (2006)

News 10 maart

Schiedam citizen Pieter van Vollenhoven engaged to Princess (1965) and Sharp criticism of youth report in Savannah (2005)