News 2 augustus

Sometimes there are a lot of historical events on a particular date. On another date, they ... as new, just hard to find. 2nd August, is one of.

News 1 augustus

First major success for Rotterdam hardcore scene (1992)

News 31 juli

It is already very long wanted a historic event 31 juli. Which has not been found.

News 30 juli

On the site of the Day When are lots of stories, many different data. but at 30 July there is no story found.

News 29 juli

Gloss Rich victory Count Dirk III of Holland in Vlaardingen (1018) and Mayor Van Rappard goodbye in Gorinchem (1971)

News 28 juli

Spangenberg Egyptians themselves go to war against drugs Tourists (1995)

News 27 juli

Gas explosion in Rotterdam apartment (2003) Spiritual father and Oil B. Bumble and Tom Puss deceased (2005)

News 26 juli

First Free Corps of the Netherlands founded in Dordrecht (1783), Vlaardingen solo sailor returned after world (1969) Alphen and escapes disaster after attack to oil trader (1991)

News 25 juli

Controversial Akzo toxic death ship back in Rotterdam (1971), Auction 3G networks ends in riot (2000) Rotterdam and cafes to own success perish (2000).

News 24 juli

Court devastated Weena (1426) and aircraft manufacturer Fokker in German hands (1992)